This is a collection of poetry done by noders. See the Poetry node for other poetry.

Any hardlinks done in Bold are metanodes of a noders' poetry.
If you have stuff to add, /msg me.

Aaron by Templeton
A bee hiding up in that flower by witchiepoo
About the things you could not show her by etouffee
Above the crowd, up to where being small is an advantage. by etouffee
A boy and his shadow standing on a long shore trying to figure out the intentions of the sun by by etouffee
A Boy's Guide to Neoteny by Lucy-S
Abraham said no by calgon
above the petals of dreams by raincomplex
abroad by Tom Rook
Abstinence by sangsoo
Accidental Discrimination by Apollyon
Ache by Svaha
Acid Pals by witchiepoo
A city becomes a world when someone falls in love with one of its inhabitants by dannye
Acoustic by etouffee
a creature built of words by the.web.hermit
actress by Valse de Verse
Act Two by N4mayshun
Add Me On by the gilded frame
A Death in the Family by Andrew Aguecheek
A disturbing thought by the.web.hermit
Adrift by just1wheat
Advice to Michael by lizardinlaw
A Faded Rose by clepsydra
A French Poem by trixingee
Aftermath by capitalsloth
After The Movie by eponymous
After the understorm, a painbow. by ModernAngel
Ageless Flaw by Tom Rook
Aggressive, demanding, in control females by Svaha
a good deal alone by calgon
A hollow feeling by meta
Airplane Phobia by tandex
a kind of pulling away by calgon
A knock there was upon the door by rodman
A land of magic entered my mind by Tom Rook
A Letter from Ms. O by tandex
A Letter To Everyone by dem bones
Alfred, At Least I'm Trying by dichotomyboi
a little bit about sam by raincomplex
a little white dress by Panicked
All acts of love and pleasure are her rituals by Demeter
All attention is good attention. by Svaha
allegory by alk214
All I could remember in the morning is that maybe there were wishing hands involved by etouffee
All In Your Hands by graceness
alliteration by deep thought and suckle_mother_mole
All matter is really energy condensed to a slow vibration by etouffee
allnighter by bpseaton
A long way down reverses eventually by Hommerabi
Always after Barnes and Noble by Templeton
amputee by deep thought
An acoustic set, played for an audience of one. by etouffee
and all is quiet... by raincomplex
And How Shall I Compete? by dem bones and yam
And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep? by etouffee
And she's walking as if her feet hurt by bloodworm
and then the rain of colorless fire by dreamvirus
And the silence between them? Like the stars. by Evil Catullus
And we live our lives by hamster bong
An Entrepreneur's Retrospective by ocelotbob
A Night in Late June by Tom Rook
A nihilist's soulmate by Aerobe
An incomplete poem in her head by etouffee
Anger and Quick to Subtle by wildfyre
anima by Dreamvirus
An ode to a node by footprints and rancid_pickle
an ode to toasterleavings by hamster bong
Anonymous Men Think They Can Talk To Me by Svaha
ancestor elixir by Svaha
A particularly sharp gnome by museman
a patch of lamplight that I pretend is the moon by etouffee
A poem for a man who does not read poetry. by etouffee
A Poem Forever In Progress by JeffTheChef
A poem I wrote when I was 5 by Profoundly_Slack and juliet
A prayer in the living darkness by Dreamvirus
April 27, 2002 by Christopher Vo
Aquafina by Lucy-S
archaic pose by calgon
A refusal to mourn the death, by fire, of a child in London by etouffee
Are tears the blood of the soul? by oenone
A rose from night sprang living by Tom Rook
A rose in candlelight, her curves dance upon the wall by malicious kitten
Artist's perspective by etouffee
A Short Primer on Graffiti Wildstyle Math by etouffee
As It Was Made, It Shall Remain by alk214
As I whispered sugared nonsense by etouffee
Ask her if she's got an answer by chras4
A smiling statue by Uberbanana
a soft nocturnal bloom by etouffee
a song you can barely hear by antigravpussy
a sonnet for my raisins by borgo and maxClimb
A Spring, with gentle unfurling and sly days of sunshine by etouffee
As she truly is by Tom Rook
Astarte by alias mother jonez
as the evening wound down by calgon
A Strange Connection by Cettina
A sufficient amount of light by etouffee
A Summation by dichotomyboi
a sweet darkness by hamster bong
Asymmetric shoelace shortening by etouffee
A tentative laugh, she expected to be interrupted by etouffee
a texas autumn by isish
A thought that may have passed in the mind of the busboy at the cafe where I often find myself by Unstrung
a tiny poem i dreamed by pseudo_intellectual and pukesick
A tragic figure on the doorstep seeking solace by etouffee
auditory miniskirt by etouffee
August 9, 1969 (Why Does Six Hate Seven) by heirdo
Auto-Coffee Speedup-Shutdown by craze
Automation Matron by Svaha
autumn by deep thought and alk214
Autumn Approaches the Sandor Residence, A Timeline by rack and ruin
awful forever, but yesterday's by Calgon
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle by Lucy-S
Back where we started by etouffee
Bad for me by _law_
bathroom by Jhonbus
Beacon by Demeter and LX
beautiful tangle of words by elvensilver
beauty in imperfection by Trip Technician
beauty of a thunderstorm by saige
Before Choice Disturbs by mike626
Belinda, Tuesday morning by Aerobe
Bellyful of Life by witchiepoo
Be Polite by mizerieRose
between by The Prophet and just1wheat
Bible Study by just1wheat
Binghamton, New York by just1wheat
bipolar by Brother_Wolfe
birth stories by animals
bittersweet harvest by calgon
biting my hand by masukomi
Blackberry-picking by crewgrrl
Black, not Hispanic by Svaha
Blåmärke by nocte
blank slate by raincomplex
blonde by Bitca
blonde, freckles, skinny, short by SubSane
blow job by Svaha
Blue couch by etouffee
blurred by tandex
bogan by One Angry Monkey
bomb-ass punani by svaha
Books by Who'sYourDaddy?
Bottomless by calgon
boys lie by calgon
boys with buzz cuts by xtle
bracket matching by raincomplex
BREATHE, Friend. by alyssa-cruz
Brother, can you spare a dime? by Aerobe
Buffalo Bill by the pool by calgon
Bushwhacking by just1wheat
burning every detail into my fingertips by deep thought
Bus ride at sunset by ac_hyper
But... by John_Fox
but mr can you maybe listen there's by Chras4
but the future is always tomorrow -- even now drowning in bytes by raincomplex
California Snippet by witchiepoo
call me hiroshima by isish
Calm Repose by Mnky
Cancer kids hangin around out by the trains by Ancientsnow
candy corn by jarbabyj
Can't she just carpool or something? by Aerobe
Cardioversion by fallensparks
castaway by kowalski
Catching Zebras by lizardinlaw
catbox poetry by calgon
Central Line by the.web.hermit
Cerberus by nodog the goldfish
Chasing you through the Gates of Horn by AlmostDeadly
Cheap Wine by fingerblister
chicago poem by edebroux
Circle of light by Chras4
Classical Mechanics by Alnilamski
clean food by per ou
clitoral cacophony by Svaha
Close the door before you leave by etouffee
Close your eyes, I will help you pray by dagnyswaggart
clumsy by etouffee
clumsy attempts at buttons and belts by etouffee
Colder on the inside by Dreamvirus
cold star by raincomplex
collaboration by Pseudo_Intellectual
Collector by raincomplex
Colored Spirit Glass by ElevenFiftyNine
Colours Are Not Enough by gracefulwing
Confessions of a teenage boy by RedOmega
CONFICIONS SUSPIRMED! by the gilded frame
Conflicted by Ceallach
Conglutinant by gnarl
Contingencies by ALittleHawk
Condemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feel by Morgon77
Couched by Hommerabi
Counterpane by Jack
Country Mouse by Demeter
((Cover)) by dem bones
Cowgirl smells of soil by Rai Tai
Crashing asleep dizzy drunk by hamster bong
create me by bexxta
Crime scene reconstruction (watercolor) by etouffee
curium by Oni no Ng
Cyclic Redundancy Check by raincomplex
Dance Song by dem bones
DANDELION by photowriter
Dark chocolate by Oolong
Data Sheet Distractions by Aerobe
Days when art is too much to bear by Noung
D cup by Svaha
Dear beautiful like an orange blossom: What is the nice surprise? by etouffee
Dearest by ragemaster
dear john: from the goddess of the forest by rxplastic
Dear Sir by Oolong
death rattle by Aerobe
Death to the Extremist by allispaul
December 28th 2008, Gaza, Act LXXXVII. by sarabandegreen
December in Dubai by slyslacker by heirdo
Deep Questions by Sensei
definite demise, she soars further, taller, stronger, larger by antigravpussy
Delirious with me, rhapsodize by Tom Rook
delusional nymphomanic schizophrenic by Svaha
Desire: Three Poems by antikythera and Ancientsnow
Did we not build the rudder? Let us not blame the sea. by etouffee
Diminished by dem bones
disappointment by Trina and e2reneta
Discover me so by faint indirections by etouffee
Disposable Appreciation by merime
Doctor Patient Privilege by borgo
Do Frogs Really Sit on Lilypads? by Clarke
dog mounted road by QXZ
Don't Forget to Tip Your Servers by DarthMop
Don't lament but rather embrace the removal of human interaction by kohlcass
don't let the psychos in by art...or something
Don't tell me everything by Demeter
down here, where the roots are supposed to grow by Ancientsnow
downvota by kalen
do you see it yet? by raincomplex
Dream Girl by Jet-Poop
Dream Log: March 17, 2007 by all.i.ask
Dream Log: May 17, 2009 by The Detergent
Dream Log: May 25, 2009 by The Detergent
Dreams become stronger when desire sits at the edge of your bed by Ancientsnow
Dreams of the Unconscious by malicious kitten
Dressed, out the door, dreaming by Complicity
Dried Roses, Crystallized Memories by lillianvalencia and Wuukiee
Drop in the Ocean by lucychili
dumb by Lucy-S
Dunciad Americana by Scriblerus
Dwindle by the.web.hermit
Early, before our hands knew what to do by Spectator Sports
Elegie für einen Panda by Aerobe
Eleven, Twelve and Forty-Two (of 69) by svaha
Elfchen by Siobhan
embrace by hölleundhimmel
End stone by raincomplex
Entirely free of guilt, I by raincomplex
entity by demele
eternal love withdrawn by calgon
Etymological Synchronicity (alt.: Karl Hungus, Television Repairman) by heirdo
Eulogy for a Burnt Kitten by Inyo
Eulogy for Mark Rothko by Jack
Even as he watched the sea rise up like anger by The Custodian
Even the moon likes to change her colors by Tom Rook
Even though I sleep terribly with another body in the bed by Pseudo_Intellectual
Every poem about thunder was written under the protection of a roof, or, at the very least, an empty sky by Hectate
Everything I Am To You by zach
Everything I learned in life, I learned from Buddhist drunks by Aerobe
Everything in this house is a still life by Jack
Exhortation by dichotomyboi
Extra slutty by Svaha
Facets of Peter by lucychili
fading into oblivion by piq
Faith by Girldoll
faithfulness by DonJaime
Falling in love by hodgepodge
falling through the cracks by futurebird
Fashion Forward by personne
Fate by alk214
Father, can I be the dawn now? by elvensilver
father, from afar by tricia mcmillan
Feed Your Head by dem bones
Feeling that you're made of very thin glass by K9
filler by just1wheat
finding no answer, she stepped closer by calgon
Fingers slick with mythos by etouffee
fingers slide together and, i am so alive by dustfromamoth
Firenze by ALittleHawk
firnspiegel by mrpwase
Fishes reflecting memories by CapSkippy
fishing with mauler by jessicaj
fisting by Svaha
Fit for an island by O-Swirl
Five sonnets of vanity by Tom Rook, and its companions.
flavour by Shapes and Pseudo_Intellectual
Flickering by just1wheat
Fold a thousand paper cranes by calgon
fondling by Svaha
For an Ontario lover by animals
Forgive me for being afraid of the world by dizzy
Forgotten things in space by all kinds of people.
Forts made of chairs and blankets by karma debt
Foul-weather friend by Tom Rook
Found Poem: From a Study on Reading Habits, Grade 1 Responses by Aerobe
fresh dark wet ink by lucychili
Fresh Heart, Still Warm by RedOmega
From the Field by alk214
From Genesis to Revelation by capitalsloth
from where you are by raincomplex
Frozen in time by Tom Rook
fuckable by Svaha
Fugue on the Cessation of Scrambled Angst at the Sugar Refinery by Pseudo_Intellectual
fugue state by izubachi
Gary by dem bones
Gee, You're so Beautiful That It's Starting to Rain by raincomplex
Generation Jones by teleny
Get a real computer! by sangsoo
Get drunk on History by Svaha
Get home from work by witchiepoo
Getting depression drunk by Svaha
Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long by raincomplex
gins n' roses by calgon
Give and Take by etouffee
glass of rain by calgon
Goddess by Svaha
god, waiting for the bus by pensandfeathers
goodnight by CruelTutelage
Goto Islands by raincomplex
Grace is Still Yours by lolaleigh
Georgia O'Keeffe sunrise by etouffee
Go get your wings, the rain is letting up by agent_tuesday
God bless everyone. No exceptions. by Dermot Reilly
golem by golem
Good old fashioned fucking by Svaha
Good places to hide refugee children by Bennyfactor
Gorgon by lucychili
Grandfather spoke by sitaraika
Grange Road by Dreamvirus
gray by meta
Greyhound, carry me home by Angela
Guile by Tom Rook
Gun Shy by etouffee
haiku by yoz, gamaliel, and ed halley
Haiku Sequence by Demeter
Haircut 1000 by maxClimb
Hands by spacewrench
Handfast, Heartfast by wuukiee
Hanging Gardens by No.9
harmonic mesh by lucychili
Have Your Say by ChimbleySweep
Hazel by Void_Ptr
Head so full my mouth won't shut by Doctor Uncle
hearts in velvet by Wintersweet
He believes he has written a poem, yes. by raincomplex
he dreamt he was a bulldozer, she dreamt she was alone in an empty bed by etouffee
He dreamt the sky bled greyblue and poetry by izubachi
Hemingway by Girldoll
Hemophilia (ya feel ya ya feel ya) by animals
Her braid; I obeyed by pseudo_intellectual
Here and there in the darkening green by calgon
Her hair, tangled by Orpheum
her hate keeps me warm. her shadows keep me guessing. by Emberella
Her heart is in little tiny pieces that are going to blow away. by etouffee
Her Ivory coast, her skin by etouffee
Her picture in my wallet, fading, fraying, the face that launched a thousand emotions by IWhoSawTheFace
Hipsters will inherit the earth by PUZZLE PIRATES RULES
His hips know the original dance by Svaha and heirdo
History Bleeding by just1wheat
his whole life, like a thundercloud, out in front of him by antigravpussy and Chras4
Hitachi Magic Wand by Svaha
Hitachi Magic Wand, lesbian version by Svaha
Holed up by Spectator Sports
Homespun Hallelujah by lucychili
Homo Ludens by lucychili
Honest by juliet
hooking up by etgar
Hope is a revolutionary patience by etouffee
hope is the thing with feathers by irnerio
Hope Springs Eternal by Tom Rook
How can I need kisses I have never felt? by etouffee
How do souls travel? by just1wheat
How is poetic form going to help me scream about revolution by Svaha
How it feels to fly by Wintersweet
How it feels to love your ghost by hamster bong
how to begin poetry by Jurph
How to Build a House or Destroy a Home by nopeeking
How to muffle cymbals by etouffee
How to Smile when You are in Pain by lizardinlaw
How...? by wuukiee
I almost lost my son by musicmama
I am in love with so much more than your body heat, but let's start there by Complicity
I am Not Poisoned by MizerieRose
i am tha god a speed by futurebird
I am of the hurricane by etouffee
I asked a friend to draw me, and I'm scared of what I'll see by Wuukiee
I beg of you, cradle my head so that I might be with you forever by Skoob
I bind these books, but I can't write in them; I just can't by raincomplex
I break myself down by dolphinboy and ansate
I cannot say I love you less than the stars by Beltane
i can't love you today by hamster bong
icing on the cake by MizerieRose
I could use some of that frenzy by stripe
i'd blindly follow the most hopeless of paths by hamster bong
ideath: word salad
I do believe in assigning value to things. by etouffee
I do not fit inside my body by Clarke
i don't know what it is on the wind,but by raincomplex by dagnyswaggart
I don't lose the irony that I believe my reflection to be a stranger by tandex
I don't tell her these things, and she doesn't ask by etouffee
I Feed My Baby Napalm by alk214
I feel things, hundredsfold, a papercut requires stitches by SPCGregoryChris
I Fell Out of School, and All I Found Was This Necklace by heirdo
If it be your will by graceness
If it jams, force it. If it breaks it probably needed replacing anyway. by Spectator Sports
If it's "natural," why must it be learned? by eien_meru
If you ask me about autumn, I'll tell you about by Jack
if you fear spells, look away when she decides to share her hair with the wind. by N0b0dY
If we weren't doing business, I'd fuck your brains out by Svaha and diotina
I give myself by ideath and danlowlite
I give you corn. So much corn do I give. by Saphinos
I go hungry by Templeton
I had a party, you were not invited, here are the pictures by witchiepoo
I have been thinking about kissing. A lot. by etouffee and Chras4
I have never been sure that you knew quite how much I loved you by joshuarat
i have to get out by raincomplex
I kissed her in the hair by etouffee, One Angry Monkey, and waverider37
I kiss your eyes. You are breakfast, summer, and streetlamps. by etouffee
I know what is about to come by Ancientsnow
I lie in the grass by Wuukiee
I, like your cigarette, am on fire by etouffee
I'll buy you Mountain Dew if you realize I love you. by BasiaMarie and Ancientsnow
I love naked by starchyk
I love you too by alowercaseq
I Made A Dance by leelynn27
Imagining you as a rewrite; as a scene revised by Chras4
imaginary friend, believed lost, listed guardian: heart by infinite jest
I met a man at Passchendaele by The Custodian
im in ur base killin ur d00dz by allseeingeye
I miss her by zutalors
I miss you, damn you for being so damn amazing by juliet, ansate, and cureobsession.
I'm not a poet, although I play one by calgon
I'm not talking about by Complicity
I'm no Whitman... by lawnjart
important questions by futurebird
I'm scared to death of what havoc he could wreak in my life by Templeton and brotherash
In a moment close to now by etouffee
Inanimate by Oni no Ng
In Apology of the Third Approach by alk214
in a sanctuary of geeks, not one solution by Svaha
Indehiscent by etouffee
In Exultation of an Angel of Random Treaties by alk214
In dark alleys there is magical realism with knives sharper than this by alyssa-cruz
indefinite by outlineoflove
in her other life by calgon
I needed clever hands, an ear to whisper into by etouffee
infinite beauty amidst a relentless violence by hamster bong
In finite games, one plays within the boundaries; In infinite games, I play with the boundaries by templeton
In Memoriam; Lucy by antigravpussy
in progress by pseudo_intellectual
Internet snottery by grundoon
instant poetry by calgon and raincomplex
In the darkness, where we could barely see by Mad haTTer
In the eternity it took for those small motions to occur by etouffee
In the Shadow of Your Wings, I Sing for Joy by pfenix
In vino veritas by Halspal
In waves of incense, godless gold by SubSane
I peer across a chasm and you peer back by Tom Rook
iPod on Subway by sitaraika
I promise you a place of no words by raincomplex
I remember when it was me who made her skin flush by deep thought and junkpile
I remember when it was me who made her toilet flush by fryingLizard
Irvine, California by just1wheat
I Said Coffee by ALittleHawk
I saw a shadow touch a shadow's hand by angel and andrea_17
I should have danced with you by arcterex
I silently accepted your wordless apology by etouffee
It all starts with breathing by etouffee
It always smells good after the rain. It's raining hard now. by wuukiee
It did not but, I think.. it will spill hope by hamster bong
I thought I might find you here by Chras4
It is possible to know anyone you wish to create by etouffee
It is sad how many were torn off by Scout Finch
It's almost like you're real by etouffee, Jack, and disillusioned
It's a transmitter. It's a radio for speaking to God. by BookReader
It's better to be heartbroken than to have a heart not worth breaking by Complicity
It's like this train. It can't run anywhere but where its rails take it. by etouffee
It's Lonely Being Only by Chras4
It's not the size, it's what you do with it by Svaha
It's too early to talk about God, or women by Aerobe
It Will Always Be Here For You by tandex
I upbraided the night by Tom Rook
I've been cordially invited to join the visceral realists by Ariloulaleelay
I've heard your song by Tom Rook
I've read books so I know things that sound like they could be true by etouffee
I wait for you in crowds by Shapes and Behelit
I wanted to touch him so badly that it made my fingertips burn by etouffee
I wanted you to want me by TheLady
I was a free man once, in Saigon by riverrun
i was expecting it to hurt like a fuck by pseudo_intellectual
I wear my loneliness like a broken shell by Roland
I will by EdSausage
I will make him promises, but not ones I am afraid to break by etouffee
I will make you stronger by junkpile
I will not deny my handsby calgon and napalm717
I wish you would talk to me by hamster bong and raincomplex
I would recognize that face anywhere by Tom Rook
Jake: One Squat Dog by Aerobe
January by alk214
January 28, 2006 by etouffee
Jeff, with Glasses by Templeton
Jesus was a Gay Black Hippie Jew (lyrics) by Oolong
Jive Mop by dem bones
John, with green eyes by Templeton
joy button by Svaha
Just a flight in the clouds by chevette
Just a little bit sometimes of forever by pukesick
Just being quiet and close by Svaha
Just Leaves, it's by merime
Kaddish for Frank Perdue by Dermot Reilly
Kamikaze confectioners by lucychili
Karmic kiss by Svaha
Kissing Thursday by e-lainey
Kiss the wounds clean with lies
Krakatoa by futurebird
Las Vegas by Dreamvirus
Later that night: Both of us crying, him sometimes yelling. by laconic and etouffee
latex by Svaha
Law of Unintended Consequences by deep thought
lay me down in this long grass by deep thought
Learning Early by Mauler
leaves spiralled around us like a benediction by Ancientsnow
Leonard the Priest by DonJaime
Let it never be said I slept through it. I never sleep by ElevenFiftyNine
let me tell you about this friend of mine by Saphinos
Let's pretend we're married by Doctor Uncle
Let us speak by Demeter
liberation by capitalsloth
life is not urgent by DarkDigitalDream
lifting my cheap bottle of wine by calgon
Lightning Over Water by etouffee
like all the world is beautiful at once by antigravpussy
Like a day without sunshine by etouffee
Likewise, I Mean by supermancan
lipstick at night by Rai Tai
Lipstick prints wiped off on sleeves cut up for rags half a century ago by etouffee
listen (a perl poem) by ketaset
lonely like absinthe without sugar by etouffee
Look into my eyes and tell me by Eos and Tom Rook
lossy compression by lucychili
lost alamos by AudieMcCall
lost love by Peace Frog and One Angry Monkey
lost monks by raincomplex
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks by etouffee
Love Ducks by tanktop
love in a quantum universe by siren
Love is simple fiction by iceowl
Love(I,you) by frayedendz
love poem to a poet by tricia mcmillan and Apollyon
Love Poem to the Rain by Éponine
Love song of a loser by sangsoo
Love song of a winner by sangsoo
Love Triangle by Svaha
Lunacy by rimrod
Lymington by outlineoflove
Lynn by Zero LeMat
Mack Truck by etouffee
Making out with a stoned boy by CapSkippy
Making your body race so your mind won't be able to by flyingfish and sundrops
Mama Kali by Dreamvirus
Manifest Destiny by dichotomyboi
Manic Scribblings by Templeton
manipulation by nopeeking
Mansion Ridge by just1wheat
Marbles by RedOmega
March 14, 2000 by pseudo_intellectual
March 24, 2009 by Timeshredder
Marion by MizerieRose
Marionette by AlexZander, deeahblita, and Lucy-S.
Matthew 29 by Insomnius
Maybe He's A Christian by Oolong
Maybe-Someday by dem bones
May I show you off to the firmament? by Tom Rook
McMedicine by lizardinlaw
Memories that never were by calgon
Memory by chrisjh and Uberfetus
Memory: Part I by just1wheat
Memory: Part II by just1wheat
Mental Jazz by bpseaton
metal fatigue by Walter
Mi Esposa Supermercado by Igloowhite
might be like leftovers. Would not taste the same, however sweet. by etouffee
Millennial Prufrock by Demeter
Minimalist Poetry by tandex and blueEther
mint-flavored condoms by Svaha and wizkid
Miranda Rights by dannye
Missing You by templeton, trina, and demeter.
Mistress Darkness by alk214
Modern Rapunzel by MizerieRose
Mohandas Gandhi by surt528
Moon by sirius
Moonlight by maverickmath
More than friends by alowercaseq
morning set by mcd
mourning by longwinter
morning sun by elvensilver
Mortice's poems
Mr Spectacles by Who'sYourDaddy?
Mud Brown Eyes by SubSane
My Beloved Monster by etouffee
my blood approves, and kisses are a better fate than wisdom by littlegoddess
My body falling into stars by Svaha
My Body is a Map by Girldoll
my clothing falls in time by Svaha
my green balloon by lostcauser
My hands have lost their memory by etouffee
my limbs move small scheduled movements by chevette
My Love Affair With Immature Hope by alk214
My Love Charm by Demeter
My New York will die with me by Jack and Walter
My NY i by bpseaton
My Offering by Tom Rook
My Song by Uberbanana
NAMBLA by Svaha
Nicorette, or: False Gods by greensleeves
Noah's Ark Lullaby by Ouzo
No Arizona by MizerieRose
Nobody is perfect forever, you lasted a long time. by Intentions
Nobody wins the game of who has been hurt more by Rai Tai
Nobody writes poetry about financial security by Jack and gate.
Nobody writes poetry about microbiology by Oburo
Nobody writes poetry about science by Noung
no, it's your fate to never reach that understanding by raincomplex
No Lever by dizzy
no more bitter. i am full. by Posmella
no prayer for the dead gods by ToasterLeavings
Note affixed to a bouquet by etouffee
notes from the little black book by prole
Nothing could be close to quite like this by deep thought
Not quite acculturated by lizardinlaw
Now we know by Tom Rook
October by Jurph
Ode to a Real Woman by eyeofthebeholder
Ode to Baby Einstein by calgon
Ode to Vector Calculus by Torque
Of apples and the moon by Roninspoon
Of Blindness by lostcauser
of my own making, i walk a dark corridor, o my heart by ursaminor
Oh, that it were so simple. That I could just utter those words. by etouffee and dent-de-lion
old man in the corner by Ancientsnow
old stick by coverbard
Olfactory memory by deep thought and lucychili
on being subject(ed) to a created, beautiful universe. in brief. by raincomplex
Once upon a starry, by Demeter
Once upon a time by liveforever
Once when I got like this I thought I was building a boat by Jack
On disappearing at the beach by Evil Catullus
On Discussing Tillie Olsen with a Fan of Stephen King by ebbixx
On Hearing Philip Roth Speak of the Mortality of Friends by ebbixx
one-night stand by Evil Catullus
One o'clock shadow by conform
Onion Personals by fallensparks
only when you cannot hear by winged panda
On Not Being Bob Dylan by Oolong
On the Shortness of Life by lucychili
On We and Wonder Brushing by alk214
Open Book by Lord Matthius
opposite situated by etouffee
Ordering from catalogs by etouffee
Or do we like time's children come also at last to the silent shadowlands? by etouffee
oriental by withvanilla
Other Suns by Dreamvirus
Our Final Goodbye by frayedendz
Our garden by Rai Tai
Our Last Conversation by icicle, zot-fot-piq, pseudo_intellectual, edebroux and heirdo
our rockets are aimed at autumn by etouffee
Out of the strong came forth sweetness by Evil Catullus
overheard at coffeeshop haiku by calgon
Overpasses by alk214
Over to one by Hommerabi
Painting In The Dark by just1wheat
paperbark by raincomplex
paper memory by tandex
pareidolia by alk214
past by outlineoflove
past this hour by akatchoom
peacock feathers by Aerobe
People shouldn't swallow rocks by Trina
performance anxiety by Tom Rook
per ou
Phone call by etouffee
Photograph of a Lady, Circa 1890 by Aerobe, Lucy-S, and Jack
Pick-up by Jurph
Picture a cup, empty, in the middle of the sea. by Sinepyriah
Pillows, disregarded by bexxta
pin curls by templeton
poems I had to do for a school project by Anopia
Poet by Demeter
Poetry in Motion at by stand/alone/bitch
poetry log: January 12, 2000 by lucentshoe
Poetry you found that you wrote when you were ten but secretly still like by twiin, stand/alone/bitch, izubachi, tallroo, evil catullus, agoodmixture, the gazelle, and azure monk.
Pointlessness had become his answer by tandex
poison the air silver with modesty by deep thought
Popsicle weather by etouffee
popular goals by raincomplex
Powergirl takes off by lizardinlaw
pray do not molest them by everyday j.Lo
(prayer for the departed) by dem bones
Predawn by Rat Salad
Prescription Sleep Aid by pensandfeathers
private grief by Semiq
proper ladies by Svaha
Prophets Of Poverty Mentality by Svaha
Prone on the bathroom floor, realising that heartbreak has a physical manifestation by etouffee
Psychonaut by alowercaseq
punani by Svaha
putting down her palette and brushes by calgon
Quantum sheep poetry by One Angry Monkey
Questions I would ask my born-again sister, if we were still talking by AudieMcCall
quiet evening snow blown with silence by Lance911
race car g sfjsgsd by Aerobe
radios work better when closer to her skin by etouffee
ragged umbrellas by Dreamvirus
rainbow catalogue by hamster bong
Rainy Sunday by rio
Raspberry Lemonade by MizerieRose
Readjust by raincomplex
Realize your connection with the Infinite by nate
Redescend by veromagick
reflecting by lucychili
Refresh this page to see latest imagery by etouffee
Regret is fear by Angela
repetition of common words and phrases makes excellent postmodern poetry by QXZ
Resonance by Dreamvirus
Resurface by e-lainey
Riches by longwinter
ride shotgun by etouffee
Riding the cycle we're given by kanoodle
RimRod is a Published Author by rimrod
Rock candy, orange flavoured. by Aerobe
rooted tree by cassandra882
rosa roja by chanbara
Running to the Sun by Hommerabi
Russian by Demeter
Safe cracker by etouffee
safe sex by Svaha
Salty taste of blue things by elvensilver
satellites fallen from grace by etouffee, calliope, Jack, mauler, and liveforever
Saturday night, the words falling from her lips by IWhoSawTheFace
Save Me by Jack
Save Yourself by uncredible
Say yes by lizardinlaw
Schrödinger's Girlfriend by Zero LeMat
Schrödinger's Heart by Aerobe
scream seeks mouth by calgon
Scylla by agoodmixture
Sea, I Love the Way You Tremble by ALittleHawk
Secret Message by Jet-Poop
Secrets of Burning by Evil Catullus
Selfless acts of violent beauty by jjen
Send me downstream by Chras4
serene. She sips her tea by Chras4
Seven opening lines if he would ever look me in the eye by etouffee
Sewn up by frost by Angela
sex in public by Svaha
Shadow Girl by dizzy
Shadow messiahs meet in the wine cellar by ElizabethH
shaogo by pensandfeathers
She by Jurph
She does not rustle but her flesh has the moonlit shade of a silver birch by tandex
Sheet music by etouffee
she filled my belly with snowglobe water by Spectator Sports
She is and was by Sessor
She is in the heartbeat you hear around you, listen by Scout Finch
she looked good by calgon
she moved so easily all I could think of was sunlight by deep thought
She plugs her tears in the way you'd keep a dam from breaking by gancho
She practices her speech by etouffee
She's Come Undone by just1wheat
She's Gone by SO1OS
She spent most of the day sleeping in my shirt pocket by Ancientsnow
She's Sleeping by tandex and Fryed
She's waiting to tell you if you're ready to know. by etouffee and mauler
She Takes Flight by NothingLasts4ever
She was most amazed by the obvious, like January and the fact that I could not possibly keep her. by etouffee
Shoplifters by crewgrrl
silence them by numbers by Ancientsnow
Sitting in the rain by Valse de Verse
Six short poems written on six cold days by Jack
Sketch me with charcoal. A pencil will never do, Argenis. by etouffee
skin-soaked echoes by Svaha
skydive by ThePuck
Sliding feet, soft singing by etouffee
Small but still a person by Endperform
small children remember in black and white sometimes by etouffee
Smell the sea by the.web.hermit
Smiles. Nods. by etouffee
snow crow by Pseudo_Intellectual
Snowflakes by Pakaran
So Cold by CT Ellis
softlink poetry by Pseudo_Intellectual
Softly, at first, as if it hardly meant it, the snow began to fall by etouffee
Shoganai by just1wheat
So long by tandex
Solstice Solace by drownzsurf
Some kiss with their eyes closed by spurious
Someone's Reflection by Dreamvirus
someone to love by masukomi
Something about parts of you by etouffee
Something she sees in men, sometimes by calgon
sometimes it's by Emberella
sometimes i want to be an object of desire by melknia
Sometimes, when no one is looking, I am beautiful by witchiepoo
Somewhere along the way we forgot insulation. It's a cold cold house. by Angela
Somewhere her voice in the night whispering leaves by etouffee
So Pretty Please by MizerieRose
Sorrowful Wench by The Detergent
Soul Hunter by silentrebel
Southern Fire by just1wheat and mauler
speak only when spoken to by Svaha
Spiteful Verse by kazarelth
Spitting out teeth like ampersands by raincomplex
spit the bit by Dermot Reilly
Spring is Beautiful by Igloowhite
Squamose by Valse de Verse
Stairmaster to Heaven by just1wheat
static by etouffee
statue by brundlefly
Stealing kisses in the dark by sangsoo
stealing parts of my heart with your glances by chras4
Storm by Chras4
Strange in the American midwest by 256
Streetlamps. Yellow roses. Everything glows. by sighmoan
strong, dark and no sugar by deep thought
stuck in relationship haiku by calgon and Johnny
structure 169 by maat
Suburban Blight by Jet-Poop and liveforever
Such are the clouds and storms and quicksands and thousand and one items by tandex
Summer by m_turner
sunshower by Tom Rook
Supplication by raincomplex
Swansea Till I Die by Who'sYourDaddy?
sweetest are the things undelivered by Ancientsnow
Swell in the Murderous Wind by Angela
swung my darling away by rack and ruin
take two and dance by ZamZ
Taking things at surface value by Svaha
Talk is cheap by Tom Rook
Talk to me by gaddalajarado
taste by Pseudo_Intellectual
Tearing it Down by tandex
tears, blown and spit by chappyzoodle
tears on a keyboard by calgon
Teenage Critic by Demeter
Tell him, she told me by kohlcass
Tell me about your secret places by coffy and Otto Omicron
Tell me a story about clouds by moosemanmoo
Tell me of the nature of home by grundoon
that's not love, it's F major by forget her
The abysmalists by whitelight
the angstiest poem in the world by Pseudo_Intellectual
the art of unseeing by calgon
theater effective; emotion by raincomplex
The back of the cereal box isn't what it used to be by alyssa-cruz
the beautiful girl herself writes poems in code by nate
the best part of a poem by calgon
The best way to cure a broken heart is to give the pieces away by AlmostDeadly
The Blind Man by Oolong
The boat dreams from the hill by etouffee
the curse by agoodmixture
The dance by she_says
the dark horse of your voice by ElizabethH
the day God took back the edges by dem bones
The Distinction of High-rise Living by Aerobe
The Empty Chair by Dreamvirus
The end is always the same: two adjacent beach chairs, two hands holding each other. by alyssa-cruz
The Everything Poem by mauler et al.
The faces of ghosts by ZamZ and raincomplex
The fine line between love and hate by CT Ellis
The fire of God in his eyes by futurebird
The Girls in Their Summer Dresses by Girldoll
The Highwayman, Dying, Speaks by Aerobe
The Inner Critic by fallensparks
The Journal of Irreproducible Results by Ancientsnow
The knight at the nexus of memory by Dreamvirus
The Lonely Man by ac_hyper
The Memory of John by brassmule
The muse is a wicked creature by agoodmixture and Rapscallion
The Nature of Home by jessicaj
The New Mummies by Dreamvirus
The ninth secret poem by raincomplex
Then the heavens opened by Present
The Oak Tree by CT Ellis
The Peacock Don't Do No Dancin' by Who'sYourDaddy?
The place between by Danneeness
the places we keep our dead by Ancientsnow
the poet and his beloved by Noung
The Poet and The Worm by borgo, Apollyon, and Lord Brawl
The Poetical Lucre of Enduring Optimism by alk214
the primal urges of women by Svaha
The quiet girl by Tom Rook
The Ralgrub by CheshireMog
The Rain in Binghamton by just1wheat
The reaction of my body: realizing its own impossibility, by etouffee
The Red Tree by lucychili
there is hope everywhere by antigravpussy
There is no deal with the demon by baffo
There is no dream but this. by Evaline
There is nothing more dangerous than a bored sociopath by sangsoo and tentative
The release of being useful by calgon
There's a wrinkle in the sky today by Void_Ptr
There's nothing new under the sun by Tom Rook
There's you pushing me in a swing while I watched the stars. by etouffee
There you are by Absinthe Party
The ride by rep_movsd
The Season of Rebirth by Aerobe
The Silver City and the Silent Sea by Dreamvirus and doctor wilson
The single girl's lament by Demeter
Thesis Wisdoms by Oolong
The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel by Aresds
the sky is dry- by Demeter
The skyline was beautiful on fire by Angela
the sky tried sunny went back to grey by deep thought
The Smell of Maple by N4mayshun
The Spanish Guitar by Sianna
The starfish sends a message in code that you can't see from the lighthouse by junkpile
the stars are wreckers' lamps by fallensparks
the stars stood still and naked by unstrung, Svaha, panamaus, and raincomplex.
the story of broken blood vessels by alyssa-cruz
The tears of the earth keep her smile in blooms by sitaraika
The thunder of my soul escaping my mouth by Svaha
The Trouble with Safewords by Aerobe
The truth and who I am when I look at it by deep thought and dolphinboy.
The Turtle and the Gerbil by dodo37
The Wailing Way by dichotomyboi
the wise mapmaker omits his home by Tom Rook
The words beneath her words by Posmella
The Wreck of the Space Shuttle Columbia by Zubaran of Ishar
They danced with fire claws by Svaha
They might not need me - yet they might - by Tom Rook
Things I'll do now that he's gone by ALittleHawk
Things That Rhyme With Dimview by dichotomyboi
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Clock by bpseaton
This broken jaw of our lost homes by ElizabethH
This is a poem I wrote about nothing in particular by JediBix783
This is a recollection of something true. by tandex
This isn't counting. This is sentencing. by etouffee
This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private by Jack
This perfect semblance of need by etouffee
Though really, I'm waiting for you. by ansate
Thoughts by Forfeit
thoughts overheard by the morning by per ou
Thump, Thump, Thump by Hommerabi
Tierlon by dem bones
Time Capsule by stand/alone/bitch and etgar
Time is like a solvent by Beltane
tiny yellow flowers by ALittleHawk
Tiny Warrior by ALittleHawk
Tips for first time flyers by etouffee
To catch my flailing second thoughts by Svaha
Today by mps and Real World
Today is the longest day of year by rischi
to eight minutes, forever lost by blackwings
to escape a house gone mad by Pseudo_Intellectual
to feel the ocean of my dreams by hamster bong
To Her Coy Mistress by everyday j.Lo
To Him She Is A Beauty by RainMirage
to kill a poem by Chras4
To Kill Yourself with a Cannonball by AudieMcCall
to let him know by unstrung and Svaha
To My Parents: On Their 25th Anniversary by just1wheat
To paint a thousand words by chevette
to touch the parts of you that I cannot see by Li Kao and solstice
Touch is not love's sole signifier by etouffee
toward the good of Humankind by raincomplex
tracing shadows that candles paint on stairways by etouffee and bexxta
Transitoriness by IcyFiery722
Translating Silence by just1wheat
Trapped in Trabzon by just1wheat
Tricks girls use to look like they swallow by Svaha
Trio by bpseaton
truce by Ceallach
True love has waited long enough by undead
turquoise bears no message by etouffee
Twenty out of Twenty by Hectate
twinkled sympathetic by dem bones
Twisted Moon by just1wheat
Two by Two by Mortuorum Dialogi
Under tar pit firmament cavernous nothing by Doctor Uncle
unduckable wedding by Spectator Sports
unfinished lives by Mortuorum Dialogi
Ungrammatical Poem in an email from India by SwimmingMonkey
unkind Fae by Angela
Unspoken by rodman
Untitled by dem bones, knarph and haggis
Untitled Snow by smileloki
Urbanity by Pseudo_Intellectual
Vagina by Svaha
Valerie Plame by colonelmustard
view them both by akatchoom
Vital Signs I by lizardinlaw
Venus, when she is the evening star by Tom Rook
Vieux Carré by AlmostDeadly
virgo in worn out shoes by etouffee
Visions by Billy
voice by lucychili
Waiting To Be Opened by _law_ and LaggedyAnne
Walking down the motorway, cars coming from behind by ZamZ
Walkin' in the Rain v2 by Ebonflame
Walking the spaces between the words by Svaha
wander off into otherness by edebroux
Want (the state of not having her) by JohnnyGoodyear
Watching my daughter conform by Svaha
Watch Me: I Am a Woman by anabana
Water nymph by Tom Rook
Water Safety by Demeter
Waving the lace hanky at regret by Svaha
We all know what beautiful eyes are like, what they do to you. by etouffee
we could get lost in the fall by etouffee
Wednesday night, Henderson by Evil Catullus
We don't write 'round here much anymore by raincomplex
We had every gentle sound by etouffee
We have a fictitious world; that is the first step: by Chras4
We never pay for it by etouffee
we're cool by calgon
We should all know what it is to hold death in our hands. by SPCGregoryChris
we will rise to meet the dead by anamnesis
What good is an Earth that wobbles? by Milt Yarberry
What if kittens grew on trees? by ncc05
What is language? An animal's perspective. by animals
What poetry isn't by tentative
what's perfect about fall by prole
What's wrong with this picture? by lucychili
what the words want by tricia mcmillan
What You do While I Slumber by etouffee
Wheel of Oppression by Svaha
When at last I found no further traces of the living or the dead, then I stopped. by kthejoker
When he was five, his father made him murder his imaginary friend. by etouffee
When in doubt, choose wings not shoes by Chras4
When I said yes by Svaha
When I was 9 by etouffee
When the dead poets mobilize, they'll paint your picture on their planes by The Custodian
When the screaming is done you need a place to sleep by jessicaj
Where are we now? by etouffee
Where does the laughter go? by borgo
Where kisses take us by etouffee
Where to go for help with punctuation by raincomplex
whisper into the graveyard by Svaha
White Christmas by Jack
white chocolate tastes like easter by everyday j.Lo
With a Whimper by ignis_glaciesque
Who sees the most beautiful stars, the poet or the astronomer? by etouffee and Jack
why are you laughing? by flyingfish
Why do elephants paint their toenails red? by lucychili
why don't poets kill each other anymore? by anamnesis
Why I stay awake at night by ansate
Why I wear pantyhose by Svaha
Why Math Is Important To Women by Svaha
Wild tides guard her secrets by etouffee and dagnyswaggart
Willow Poem by impishlaugh
Witches' Sabbath by agoodmixture
Woman Driving, Man Sleeping by etouffee
Woman's so hot I want to cry by etouffee
Writer's block by dizzy
Wuxi by raincomplex
yard sale by etouffee
yeah i want to touch that infinitely smooth surface by chrisjh
You and I, Blood and Sweat by lillianvalencia
You are by ElevenFiftyNine and dichotomyboi
You Are Not Being Fair by Jet-Poop and dannye
you can only chase a shadow so far by etouffee
you can't recreate what's over by originalzin
you could have done better with this letter of yours, miss by Aerobe
You don't know my GOD by ToasterLeavings
You don't leave anyone alone in a monkey knife fight by alyssa-cruz
You look sane, motionless like that by oenone
Young Girl & Priest Discuss a Predatory God by Aerobe
You grabbed my hand, and we fell into it. Like a daydream. Or a fever. by Aerobe
you, radiating out among the crush of people by raincomplex
your bathroom floor by longwinter
your crumbling nuclear families by wolfdaddy
You're my space heater. You heat my space. by Angela
You every era anachronism, soft-shoeing to pantomime beats by alyssa-cruz
your eyes, my lights by Tom Rook
Your girlfriend will never forget how adorable you were the first time you went by Behelit
Your grateful knife dreams of spanish laughter by etouffee
Your poem must fit entirely in the box below to be eligible for the contest by raincomplex
You walk through my walls like a ghost on tv. You penetrate me.
Zhu Ji by just1wheat
(in the mist) by raincomplex
* by Pseudo_Intellectual

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