Verses for an Ontario lover When we make love in Algonquin, the wolves howl and the mosquitoes sleep
When you take me in Hamilton, cool perfumes curl from the concrete stacks
When we rut by the Ottawa River, the water rages and drives unsinkable kayaks
When we hump in Toronto, a hundred tongues sing Bay street blackberries into explosion

From behind at the Pinery, pink sunsets paint Lake Huron
Pounding in the capital, canals fill with skates and cheers

When I lick your pussy in Temagami, the brown bears yawn in patches of sun
When we kick it in Killarney, free climbers hang with hearts pumping in fingertips
During handjobs on Pelee Island, migrating birds fill the sky and binoculars of onlookers
When you swallow me in Groto water caves, the invisible songs of bats bounce off stone walls

During a quickie in Hull, mouths yammer with joie de vie!
Bumpin' in Thunder Bay, the nighttime drivers glide through moose

When we screw in Kingston dorms, students’ minds fill with formulas and papers with As
When we kanoodle in Kincardine, reactor B powers up and everyone gets their jobs back
During anal in the Su, dinner jumps out of cold water and into the boats of resting fishermen
When we spoon and hold in Windsor, stains on hotel walls become puffy afternoon clouds

When we grope on the big waves of Georgian Bay,
Or ram in plastic orange canoes on Rice Lake,
in you, my Ontario lover, it is always the goods.

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