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The Best of The Week

What is the plan?

First up, sorry I've been away. It's been difficult trying to balance things, but I'm committed to the long-term future of E2. I've never been super far away, and have managed the operations and business, but haven't spent a lot of time on dev. I've also needed to really get my head around some web concepts and I'm doing more managing than coding these days, but I'm back to having focus and that focus has helped me to see the path forward. I'll go through the places where I've tried and now we have a straight path to progress.

That behind me, I have a plan that's finally well-formed with actual items that I can chop into a project plan. It also is good because if other people want to help throw in on development we'll be able to articulate where those needs are. The high level plan looks like:

  • TLS (
  • Small COGS items
  • Real REST APIs
  • Web platform refresh (mod_perl 2.0, Jessie, NodeJS)
  • Single-page app w/javascr

Before bothering with this, check out What is the plan? - March 2017 by jaybonci if you haven't already. It's exciting to see this kind of real progress being made, and to know that there are plans for e2 to get modernized, and hopefully to become bigger and better. jaybonci is underselling the amount of effort he's putting in here: I count 135 separate code check-ins on GitHub starting on March 11th, which is better velocity than I get out of some coders who are paid for their…