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The Best of The Week

"We got reports of explosions at a school, Rain. You got time to investigate?"

"Sure Garcia," I replied. "I have spare time."

Garcia sent me some sparse info. It wasn't much to go on, but I wasn't expecting much. Getting the details would be my job after all.

I made some calls to a few TV stations in the area. The reporters weren't very helpful. The police seemed to be still deciding what to do, wanting to proceed cautiously for the sake of their people, which was perfectly understandable. My calls to school administrators were much more helpful. They were in direct contact with teachers who had witnessed what happened.

By the time I got through to the teachers though, police reports were coming in about new incidents in the area, beyond the school. Something had to be done quickly, even if we didn't know all the details yet.

My team had already found a specialist who lived in Lincoln County and were prepping her. "Christa, we may have a new mission…

coming back to this old house
the drapes shedding dust as i throw open the windows
the floorboards glowing in the light of fresh cool air

even though it is my house
i have a vague feeling of trespassing
that the owner will be home any minute
and kick me out in a huff

it no longer feels indoor here
too many years of draft through the cracking window seals
and the air tastes like leaves; but the woods can be pushed back

Back in 1938, Action Comics #1 turned up at the newswtands and drugstores. The cover featured a man in a blue and red suit and a cape running while holding up a green late model automobile.

The comic-book cost ten cents.

In 2014, one of the few remaining copies sold for over three million dollars.

In June of 2018, DC Comics published issue #1000. It's an 80-PAGE GIANT, making it about the length of its famous…

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