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It’s always funny to see economic predictions of days past. There’s a reason why some sciences make fun of economics: they make beautiful theories, they just don’t match up with reality.

I am, of course, being unfair. Economics as a whole is very much non-trivial, and hindsight is always 20/20. Anything that I say here today can easily be dismissed in 20 years time, because by then everything I say and do will be clear and unimpeded by the fog of the future.

So, what’s “wrong” in this case?

  1. The total number of users in E2 keeps growing, but the number of active users is not (or at least, not to the point described before), and even though the number of total available votes is now certainly higher than in 2000, most of those belong to inactive noders. Any XP inflation/deflation theory must include active votes and not just total votes.
  2. Voting no longer gives XP to the voter (and I understand it

Etymology: cucumber +‎ -ish
Adjective: cucumberish (comparative more cucumberish, superlative most cucumberish).
(informal) Resembling or characteristic of cucumber."

Cucumberish is a bit of Victorian slang that was first recorded 1822.1 It was used exclusively to refer to people who were cool, in…

I've got a lot out of this, so I thought a reflection might be useful, if only for me.


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