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The Best of The Week

Moominvalley in November
by Tove Jansson
Published by Expressens Heffaklump, 1970

This is the ninth and final book in the Mumintrollen series of chapter books for children. It follows Moominpappa at Sea (although it was published five years later), and takes place at exactly the same time, albeit with no interaction betwixt the two plots. It does not directly involve the Moomins.

The Moomins (and Little My) have left on a sea journey, leaving their house empty; however, a series of pseudo-supernatural coincidences brings a series of old acquaintances to their house. Snufkin, about to leave for the winter, turns back to Moominvalley in search of a half-forgotten melody; Mymble visits to see her sister (Little My). Toft is an orphan who has been having dreams of the Moomin family, and Grandpa-Grumble is an old man who thinks he remembers Moominvalley from long ago. Fillyjonk and the…

Traditional British pastry dessert

"no one agrees which bakery produced the very first Bakewell pudding"
Food and Table

This is not to be confused with the (inferior) Bakewell tart, which is a pale imitation of this dish. It's not strictly a pudding, rather nowadays it's a flaky pastry base with jam, almond and…

Pirates World was a less than 100 acre amusement park in Dania, Florida located by the beach between Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida, that existed between 1967 to 1975. Dania's other claim to fames is that it is home to one of the largest jai alai centers in the US and the Fishing Hall of Fame. It featured a steeplechase ride that had previously been at Coney Island and the observation tower that had been used at the 1964/1965 World's Fair.
It was successful only in…

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September 1: Brevity Quest 2022 starts!

September 8: Happy birthday svntax!

September 16: Feliz cumpleaños Ancientsnow!

September 18: Happy birthday Stuart!

September 25: Happy birthday Templeton!

September 26: Stanislav Petrov Day.

September 27: Happy birthday Uberbanana!

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August 4: Happy birthday avalyn!

August 6: 広島

August 9: 長崎

August 27: Happy birthday Bitriot!

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July 1: Canada Day.

July 4: America Day.

July 26: Happy birthday teleny!

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June 1: SciFiQuest 3022 ends. Rewards will be announced shortly.

June 4: Aesop's Birthday.

June 11: TerribleAspect's birthday!

June 13: Serjeant's Muse's birthday!

June 16: Bloomsday.

June 19: Juneteenth.

June 21: nicolasstag's birthday!

June 21: Summer solstice (northern hemisphere) and winter solstice (southern hemisphere).

June 23: AdamTheDewott's birthday!

June 28: Tau Day.

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May 1: May day.

May 4: May the Fourth be with you!

May 8: Happy birthday E2D2!

May 9: Mother's day in the USA.

May 10: Happy birthday BIII!

May 30: Memorial Day in the USA.

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