You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and buttercups.

The Best of The Week

I sat down at the piano bench in my teacher's house and played my assigned song flawlessly, in my very first attempt. He celebrated and gave me a little punch on the shoulder. It was really scary because I consistently played the last two measures wrong when practicing, including this morning when I was preparing. I interpreted "moderately fast" a little arbitrarily and I was afraid he would say it wasn't fast enough, but he said it was "exemplary". For the first year the pressure of playing for him caused me to make mistakes I wouldn't normally make, but something has clearly changed because now the pressure causes me to play better. I'm finally getting to the point where I can play real songs, and not just stupid silly jingles. Which is nice, it's very nice, there's a feeling of accomplishment.

I remember when I had just-past-shoulder length curly hair and wore bowties everywhere, all the semi-pentecostal Christians that I was surrounded with in my great involvement with my old church gave me

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Fun Fact: American Cockroaches like beer.

“We’re keepers or kept from, players or played. Secrets and cockroaches - that’s what will be left at the end of it all.” -– Maggie Stiefvater

St. Gulik is the Messenger of the Goddess. A different age from ours called

A warning song about a serial killer.

"The popular nursery rhyme "The Muffin Man" supposedly originated as a caution to children, warning them to beware of a 16th-century baker-turned-serial-killer who enticed his young victims by pulling a muffin down the cobblestone streets of London with a string."

Yes, it's true. The rumour

News for Noders

April 1: The E2 Dadaism Quest starts today! Please show off your Dadaist chops with lots of fig inverted urinal.

April 1: The 2024 LieQuest has been cancelled.

April 12: Yuri's Night

April 22: Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings!

April 23: Saint George's Day.

April 24: Happy birthday, Rancid_Pickle!

April 30: Walpurgis Night.

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March 14th: Pi day.

March 10th: Daylight saving time celebrated by many.

March 19th: The first equinox of the year.

March 31st: Happy birthday mad girl's love song!

Get ready for LieQuest 2024, starting on April 10th!

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February 2: Happy birthday Auspice!

February 2: Happy birthday npecom!

February 5: Happy birthday wertperch!

February 8: Happy birthday to panamaus

February 15: Happy birthday Admin to the goo!

February 15: Terse Quest 2024 begins!

February 23: Happy birthday Samuel Pepys!

February 29: Happy birthday Browncoat!

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

January 16: National Nothing Day.

January 24: Happy Birthday Silverai_me!

January 26: Happy Birthday Segnbora-t!

January 30: Happy Birthday O-Swirl!

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December 1: Iron Noder ends

December 9: Smallpox eradication day.

December 12: Happy birthday to horacetheclown!

December 18: Hanukkah begins.

December 21: Winter solstice arrives 10:27 PM, EST.

December 23: Happy birthday to Nemosyn!

December 25: Merry Christmas!

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