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I can TVify, VGify, Musicify, and NaturalLogify the same damn node! Now, someone write something that I can legitimately do all four to.
Loafing. Game development. Having nodermeets in the middle of the road. Loafing. Video games. Piracy. Loafing.
Portland Community College, TIMECallers, Community2
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<TanisNikana> This is Real Life. That, out there, is WorkAndComeHomeToYourTVDinnerAndGetNoSex2.
<sam512> I turn my back for two minutes and when I come back, we're bidding on a still-beating human heart.
<Swap> I know who's TanisNikana's secret admirer, and I'm not telling!
65 percent of videos purchased in hotels are pornos. They are on for an average length of 12 minutes
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