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On Extended Sabbatical


Never waste 10 years of writing nodes for E2.

Rancid_Pickle is Guy Anthony De Marco, except green and rancid-ier :: @GuyADeMarco ::


Rancid_Pickle is an official ORICHALCUM NODER.

Rancid_Pickle won:




% <Klaproth> Tuesdays are expired coupon day.
% <Rancid_Pickle> Sorry, Klaproth, your McD's is next to the crematorium and there are pipes connecting the buildings. Not falling for that one again.
% <Klaproth> That's only for the dollar menu.



Rancid_Pickle changes into bear costume
<Jet-Poop> Eww, sounds so dirty

Rancid_Pickle will open the case of his cell phone and let the crows pick out the shiny bits until only the husk remains.
<Clockmaker> But in Glasgow, you communicate via semaphore by waving drunks in different-colored tracksuits?
<Evil Catullus> I think waving drunks in tracksuits would get me fired.
<Old_New> You're employed?
<Evil Catullus> Yes. I work with the surly, unfriendly youth
<Rancid_Pickle> Oh, I didn't know you were in politics, EC.

EDB wakes up long enough to sniff Rancid_Pickle.
Rancid_Pickle wonders why EDB has his snoot in the crotch of his tattered trousers...
<Rancid_Pickle> "Down, boy! You too, EDB!"
EDB has swallowed Rancid_Pickle. *B R A P *
<EDB> bleh, tastes like brined socks.
Rancid_Pickle wonders why he never noticed just how sexy EDB was...
Rancid_Pickle eggs avalyn!
Rancid_Pickle eggs bookreader!
Rancid_Pickle eggs edb!
EDB has swallowed egg. egg is good food!

<lizardinlaw> E2D2, is Rancid_Pickle a bot?
<E2D2> lizardinlaw: It could be. Ask in10se if it is.
<Rancid_Pickle> runs on electricity.
<lizardinlaw> giggle
<Rancid_Pickle> ...and lots of coffee.


<Stasik> That was horrible, but at least there's only one rancid pickle


<andycyca> so Rancid Pickle can pickle a yodeling pickle, thus we now know that if Rancid Pickle could pickle pickles, Rancid Pickle could at least one pickle pickle


/me misses dannye, demeter, stand/alone/bitch, ToasterLeavings, witchiepoo, sensei, wharfinger, gahachino, mitzi, wertperch & grundoon, radlab0, WonkoDSane, Lometa, Jinmyo, borgo ...


I am/was a member of the following professinal writer organizations: Horror Writers Association, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, Western Writers of America, Thriller Writers Association, Missouri Writers Guild, Springfield Writers Guild, and the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Just to be complete, I'm also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)





Guy Anthony De Marco is a nocturnal Bram Stoker Award® nominated author living in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. He writes across multiple genres and in multiple mediums. An award-winning author, he is a member of SFWA, IAMTW, HWA, ASCAP, the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Northern Colorado Writers. Additional information can be found at and, or participating on panels at numerous conventions throughout the year.









  • Villainous Press
  • Pine Bluffs Press
  • Yurei Press
  • Warped Mind Press
  • Stephen Wilson Press
  • Macabre Press
  • Airship Tales Press
  • Evil Brain Trust
  • LG Press
  • Angelic Knight Press


  • E2 Fin de Ciecle  First Place, Short Story – “Sands”
  • Horror Writers Association Silver Hammer Award, March 2012
  • (Finalist) HWA Bram Stoker Award® 2012 for Graphic Novel



  • Novels & Collections
    • Life & Everything Too (Warped Mind Press, 2012)
    • Ancient Terrors (Yurei Press, 2012)
    • Odd Places (Yurei Press, 2012, ISBN 9781622250040)
    • The Bride, (Macabre Press, 2013)
    • The Dynasty Sentinel (TPC, 2013)
    • Fury Within (Yurei Press, 2013)
    • Ultimate “Yo Mama” Joke Book (Villainous Press, 2013)
    • Ultimate “Blonde” Joke Book (Villainous Press, 2013)
  • Anthologies
    • Dead Meat (The Help Anthology, 2008)
    • Absolute Truths and Outright Lies (Warped Reality Press, 2008, ISBN 9781424339228) (Out of Print)
    • Steaks (Every Day Fiction Two, 2008, ISBN 9780981058429)
    • Steaks (Daily Bites of Flesh 2011, 2010, ISBN 9781617060182)
    • Monsters (Daily Bites of Flesh 2011, 2010, ISBN 9781617060182)
    • Absolute Truths and Outright Lies (Collection, 2011, Yurei Press, ASIN: B006NV4GEQ; ISBN 9781622250011)
    • The Prize (GalaxyFest Omnibus Limited 1st Edition, 2012, ISBN 9781470088958)
    • For Christmas, I Made My Mother Cry (Angels Cried, Charity Anthology for Sandy Hook, 2012)
    • Lyssa’s New Friend  (Angels Cried, Charity Anthology for Sandy Hook, 2012)
    • Letter from Melinda (Letters to Santa, May-December Publications, 2012)
    • A Gift of Ben-Wa Balls (Pill Hill Daily Flash 2013)
    • Annoying the Chief (Pill Hill Daily Flash 2013)
    • Stuff Migrates (Pill Hill Daily Flash 2013)
    • Rabbits (50 Shades of Decay, 2013)
    • Seeds (Dark Bits, Apokrupha, 2013)
    • Steaks (Barnyard Horror, 2013)
    • Member of the Herd (Barnyard Horror, 2013)
    • Lyssa’s New Friend (Twist of Fate, Navigator Books, 2013, ASIN B00DQ533QE)
  • Short Fiction
    • Vork (New New York Tales, 1979)
    • Sallie the Baker (Adirondack Stories, 1980)
    • Treasures (Regional Ghost Stories, 1991)
    • Sands (The Great E2 Fin de Siecle Challenge contest 1st place winner, 2001)
    • Streetwalker (Serpentarius Magazine, 2007)
    • Beat a Retreat (Tiny Lights, 2007)
    • The Mobius Stripper (6S, 2007)
    • Home (Necrotic Tissue Iss 1, 2008)
    • Troubles (Necrotic Tissue Iss 2, 2008)
    • Journey (Literary Fever, 2008)
    • Vultures (AlienSkin Magazine, 2008)
    • Angelic (Yellow Mama, 2008)
    • Steaks (Every Day Fiction, 2009)
    • Death Grip (Necrotic Tissue Iss 7, 2009, ISBN 9780982496909)
    • Member of the Herd (Every Day Fiction, 2010)
    • Vultures (MicroHorror, 2012)
    • Jack and Jill (FairyPunk Stories, 2012)
    • A Case of Curiosities (Daily Science Fiction, 2012)
    • Seeds (TTA Press Advent Calendar, 2012)
    • La Stretta della Morte (Villainous Press, 2013, ASIN B00CAX4CF4)
  • Non-Fiction
    • Books
      • Cisco UCS Deployment Guide, (Pine Bluffs Press, 2012)
      • QR Codes for Authors (Pine Bluffs Press, 2012, ASIN B009BD6MQI)
    • Collections
      • Tales from the Fleet (Villainous Press, 2013, ASIN B00DY5YTUK)
    • Short Articles
      • (2000) Newbie Unix PW-LS,
      • (2002) IP Addressing Primer, F. R. Press
      • (2007) My Muse is Dead, OG’s Speculative Fiction
      • (2008) Understanding Accents, Visions Mag Iss 43
      • (2008) Sonor2: Tracking Those Subs, Visions Mag Iss 44
      • (2010) Using Google Alerts, HWA Newsletter
      • (2010) Hiding Description, Writers’ Journal, May/June Issue
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Rescuing Pirated Stories, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Rescuing Pirated Stories, Dark Whispers Blog
      • (2012) Convention Panels for Newbies, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Understanding Accents, Dark Edifice Magazine
      • (2012) Hiding Description, Dark Edifice Magazine
      • (2012) Convention Panels for Newbies, Dark Edifice Magazine
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Hunting for Pirates, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Advanced Google-fu, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Researching Publishers, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Facebook for Authors, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Amazon Likes, Tags, and Categories, HWA Newsletter
      • (2013) Sailing on Digital Seas: Computer Pre-Spring Cleaning, HWA Newsletter
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
    • Behind These Eyes (Villainous Press, ISBN 9781622254507, 2012)
  • Scripts
    • Dracula Is So Old (One-Act Play)
  • Poems & Poetry Chapbooks
    • Exploring (Finalist, SFPA’s Dwarf-form Poetry Contest 2012)
    • Essential Oils (Mystic Nebula, TBP, 2013)
  • Software
    • Catchbox, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • RacerMax, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • Kindergarten Fun, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • Return to Horror House, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • A-Mazed, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • Magni Modis, Pentagraphics, PC and Amiga, Interactive animated story
    • Marooned on Mars, Pentagraphics, PC, Choose Your Path story
    • Hell’s Casino, Pentagraphics, Legend of the Red DragonBBS Module
    • Cyprian, Pentagraphics, PC, MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries multiplayer mission
    • ZZX, Pentagraphics, PC, MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries multiplayer mission
  • Music
    • (1983) The Dead Rose, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1983) Nuke the Whales, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) In Concert Special, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) Lucky, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) Thunder Thighs, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) The Thorn, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) Lucky Jam Like We Drunk, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1991) GAMMA ADJUST (ASCAP)
    • (1991) BETA BALLAD (ASCAP)
  • Interviews
    • Every Day Fiction (2009)
    • Choate Road WITI (2010)
    • Rebecca Brown (Oct 2012)
    • The Funky Werepig Radio Hour (2012)

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