Regarding Windsor in Berkshire, England.

The only time when I actually did really fear for my life.
I was in a pub with a few mates, guys and girls, having a few drinks and a bit of a laugh, as you do.
This pissed "geezer" comes over to our table, plants himself down beside one of the girls and starts harassing her basically.
My friend was obviously distressed so I asked the guy, politely, to just go away. He took grave offence to this and said he was going to kill me outside the pub.
Naturally, I almost shat myself at such a bold statement. What worried me even more was the venom with which he said it.
I told the bouncers about this guy and they said if there was any trouble they would sort it out.

Fine, no problem.

So, we all leave the pub. As I walk out the door, I feel an dull thwack on the back of my head, and I go down. I am stunned, on my arse on the pavement, looking up at this guy, who looks like a total maniac.
He said "You're going to fucking get it now you cunt." and with that took a knife from his back pocket.
At this stage I was saying prayers to every god I could think of.
Then, luckily, out of nowhere, one of the bouncers sucker punched the guy on the back of the head (must be en vouge in Windsor or something) while another bouncer hit the guy on the arm with a pool cue, knocking the knife free from his grip. They then subdued him until the police came.

I didn't press charges against the guy as there would have all sorts of shit afterwards if I did, but he was done for having the knife anyway.
Even so, I was never so glad to be leaving anywhere in my entire life.

Wind"sor (?), n.

A town in Berkshire, England.

Windsor bean. Bot. See under Bean. -- Windsor chair, a kind of strong, plain, polished, wooden chair. Simmonds. -- Windsor soap, a scented soap well known for its excellence.


© Webster 1913.

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