Leamington, Ontario, Canada is a town of 26000 people, and can be found on on the northwestern shore of Lake Erie. It is a water town.

Most of the locals engage in sport fishing during at least the Summer months, the town has a marina, which is an attraction for thousands of tourists each Summer. There are 50 known shipwrecks in Leamington's waters, and they recently opened up a scuba-diving centre to capitalize on this jewel of cultural heritage.

Another attraction of the area is Point Pelee National Park, which is rife with beaches and trails, and is famous because of the annual migrations of butterflies and birds. The area is also popular for golfers, because the town hosts four golf courses.

In the bizarre naming conventions of small-town Ontario, Leamington has come to be known as the tomato capital of Canada. About 270 hectares of the area have been converted into greenhouses. There are many Mexican migrant workers who come up to work in the area, yet remain an invisible element in the town, even though they are around for 9 months of the year.

There is a ferry which goes between Leamington, Pelee Island, Kingsville, and Sandusky, Ohio.

The current mayor is Dave Wilkinson.

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