Kincardine is a little town on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. It has recently undergone an amalgamation with some surrounding townships, so I think the census data will be all screwy. Anyway, the point is, I grew up there, so here's what I know...

The population is roughly 6,000. It's been decreasing over the past few years, with the problems at hydro. The Bruce Nuclear Power Development Station is located at Douglass Point, a few clicks north of town. There is a hydroid (hydro worker) in almost every family. This is the reason I strongly contend that Kincardine is not a hick town. All the farmers live in the surrounding villages, not in Kincardine. Hell, we even tore down the co-op so we could put in a Tim Hortons!

Tourism is a fairly big chunk of what Kincardine is all about. In the summer, all the cottagers come back and make the town seem busy again. On Saturday nights there is a bag-pipe parade down main street, and everybody goes to march with the band. There is a beautiful lighthouse, and the beach is alright. It's not a party-town like, Grand Bend or Wasaga. Mostly old retired couple who like to get soft-serve and go for a stroll along the boardwalk.

No famous people have ever come out of Kincardine. Except Julie Bowers, who was charged with killing her todler son, Dustin, by leaving him out in a snowbank down some country road. This was back around 1990, I think. Anyway, she was aquited, but never moved back to Kincardine. Probably because we all know what really happened.

There is of course, the regular degree of scandal and gossip in lovely Kincardine. Everybody knows everyone else's business, even if they don't know names. I once sat in on a conversation between my mother and her coffee-friends, in which it was disclosed that the husband of the woman who owns the store next to the Print Shop didn't even say thankyou when a coffee-friend's husband shovelled his driveway for him. Can you believe the nerve!?!

Anyway, there are about a million interesting things about my little town. I would love to tell you them all, but sadly, I don't live there anymore, and have to go do something productive with my life, like get to class. Maybe I'll fill in the rest later... Oh, yeah, I have to tell you about the cursed lot, where no matter what you build on it, it will burn down...

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