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"I hate broccoli, and yet, in a certain sense, I am broccoli." -The Tick
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/me misses jbird and kamamer. :(

"Do you love?
I answer. Yes - and true love will never die.
Then I wake up screaming."

-Stephen King, Nona

"Remember, beneath every cynic there lies a romantic, and probably an injured one."

-Glenn Beck


Hi. How's it going? I'm Karla.

I don't have anything profound to say.


Salacious Crumb
Mint Chocolate Chip
Superintendent Chalmers

I'm an English Major at the University of Waterloo. I know that doesn't sound like a miracle, but it is one. Believe me.

I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Canada kicks ass.

I'm a slacker.
I can juggle.
I ask a lot of questions.
I solve problems.
I keep everything.

Sometimes I try to explain myself.

I'm afraid of bees.

I am unable to make myself seem cool in my homenode. The reason for this is that I'm not cool. I know a lot of cool people. I'm not one of them. I don't mind. I'm just me. I have a lot of shirts with cows on them. Don't ask.

I keep many lists. It's something I've done since my early teens. I have a list of all the movies I've ever seen, all the books I've ever read, my favourite actors, actresses, people, quotations. Everything is on record. I think that says something about myself, but I've never been sure what.

I have a dead bird story.

Maybe I'll node it one day.

But not today.

"Grief squeezed at her eggshell heart like it might break into a thousand pieces; its contents running like broken promises into the hollow places his love used to fill. How could she know this pain would end? That love, unlike matter or energy, was in endless supply in the universe... A germ which grows from nothingness which cannot be eradicated even from the darkest of hearts. If she had known this (and who could say she would believe it?) she would not have chanced to remain at his sad grave until such an hour so that she might not have to learn the second truth before the first: that to have love was to carry a vessel that could be lost or stolen or worse, spilled blood-red on the ground. And that love was not immutable and could become hate as day becomes night... as life becomes death."

-from The X-Files, Milagro

Have a look at my write-ups. I organised them just for you.
For your enjoyment:

A Lapse of Memory ~ And the Band Played On ~ Beware: Children at Play ~ Ferngully ~ From the Hip ~ Komodo ~ Mystery Men ~ No Way Out ~ The Philadelphia Story ~ Wide Awake

Actors & Actresses:
Brad Dourif ~ Brett Butler ~ Catherine Bell ~ Claire Forlani ~ Anthony Edwards ~ Julia Sawalha ~ Katie Holmes ~ Kerr Smith ~ Laura Innes ~ Lauren Holly ~ Mark Frankel ~ Michelle Forbes ~ Molly Parker ~ Natalie Wood ~ Neve Campbell ~ Sherry Stringfield ~ Sonja Smits

Birdy ~ Book ~ Blessing On The Moon ~ Cheevey ~ Dark Matter ~ Firebird ~ Fox in Sox ~ I am the cheese ~ Ladies' Man ~ Made in Canada ~ Naked Pictures of Famous People ~ Notes to Myself ~ On Writing ~ Oroonoko ~ Pocket Ref ~ Stir Fry ~ The Cruelest Month ~ The White Bone ~ To The Lighthouse ~ The Sorrow of War

Aphra Behn ~ Hugh Prather ~ Janice Graham ~ Joy Kogawa ~ Stuart McLean ~ Bao Ninh

Other Personalities:
Alan Cross ~ Barbara Hall ~ Bob Costas ~ John Stossel ~ Marcia Clark ~ Moses Znaimer ~ Pius X

Television Shows:
Made in Canada ~ Mann and Machine ~ Pop Stars ~ Press Gang ~ Sisters ~ Supermarket Sweep ~ The Critic ~ The Young and the Restless ~ Traders ~ Wonderland

Food & Drink:
Canadian Smarties ~ General Mills ~ Habitant ~ Hickory Sticks ~ Fruit-tella ~ Macaroni and Cheese Loaf ~ okey dokey ~ Pepsi Twist ~ Sea Nuggets ~ Splake ~ Zoodles

360 ~ Bulk Food Store ~ CAPS ~ Earth ~ Humber College ~ Humber Res ~ Jupiter ~ Kincardine ~ Mel's Diner ~ Mercury ~ Neptune ~ Pluto ~ Uranus ~ Venus

Miscellaneous factual:
All Day Breakfast ~ average height of women ~ BATNA ~ Canada's Walk of Fame ~ ColorQuiz ~ Deus Absconditus ~ ekphrastic ~ ellipsis tease ~ evil genius ~ gender neutral pronoun ~ hard water ~ How to wash skunk spray off your pet. ~ left hand disease ~ MindTrap ~ non-count noun ~ Parataxis ~ prozac housewife ~ Rising Star ~ stash ~ tandem subordination ~ Top news stories of the century ~ There once was a man from Nantucket... ~ Twenty one's drinking game ~ Wake-ups

Miscellaneous bullshit:
Boy in my Philosophy Class ~ Caution: Contains Functional Sharp Point ~ Fathers teach your daughters how to throw ~ I am not attractive ~ If You Can't Change the Roll - We Can't Help You. ~ In God We Trust. Everyone Else Must Pay Cash. ~ Karla's Rules for Living ~ Noder's Remorse ~ Questions we use to test men ~ scar fetish ~ the story of my heart ~ There are not enough hours in the day

Apparently I write poetry:
self loathing ~ Stranger ~ Jameson Irish Whiskey (a poem)

10/31/00 ~ 11/02/00 ~ 11/17/00 ~ 01/09/01 ~ 01/31/01 ~ 02/26/01 ~ 03/05/01 ~ 05/23/01 ~ 08/17/01

My favourite noders:

jbird ~ kamamer ~ Xamot ~ Lord Brawl ~ Xunker ~ sockpuppet ~ Pretzellogic ~ mordel

"If there's nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with the universe."
-Dr. Crusher, ST:TNG

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