The term movies has a varied meaning through the context in which it is used. A pluralisation of the term movie can be used as a verb for the actual process of going to the cinema or the flicks. Saying one wants to be in the movies connotes glamourous images and showbiz flashes!

The film is the physical, thin sheet with images upon that during projection shows movement through space and time of light and thought. Films and visual texts are the medium we trust for identity. What one sees and hears through the senses must be true?
The American productions of the post-war years...all that glamour! All that glitz! Kind of made people feel the economic depression was truely over and bombing of Hiroshima never took place, well it did but, it was all over with now and don't we feel bad for it, but surely they desired it? It was war afterall.
Memory and the movies.

What shocks us in a news report is washed away by the sitcom, the television adverts, the 'drop the dead donkey' funny local story at the end of the report to leave us the audience with a slight smile.

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