I just stood there frozen.
A red glow on me face.
To many items in the extra wide aisle.
Cant afford the extras, to me they are basics.
The kid’s pull me, hassle me to get back to telly.

The people all look, they stare, some grunt!
Some look away cus they know I can’t pay!
I put back the cheese, the sauce and the chops,
I can’t take back the chocolate,
It’s too late!
Its been chomped!

I pay the assistant with my head bowed low.
Outside I breathe loudly and wipe my wetted eyes.
I call back the kids; tell them not to run across roads.
We walk back to the flat, insides just as cold.

At the hours past midnight I sneak out to the roads.
The meter needs Lecky come tomorrow and my Robbie needs new clothes.
I pray they’ll be safe till I get back again
but some days I feel without me they’d prosper.

I’m no mother hen.

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