Hugh Prather is an author, who published Notes To Myself in 1970, which is a simply excellent book about life and how he interprets his actions and thoughts.

I'm not sure what Prather was doing in the interim, but starting in the 90s, he started publishing some more books. This time, they were along much more spiritual lines:

His first book, Notes to Myself is one of my all time favourites, because it had a lot to do with unanswered questions about how we live and interact with people.

"You're wrong" means "I don't understand you" - I'm not seeing what your seeing. But there's nothing wrong with you, you are simply not me and that's not wrong.

-Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

Spiritual Notes to Myself deals more with the answers to the questions Prather had back in the 60s. It's mostly about God and ego, and in my opinion, a lot less enjoyable than his first book. There are however, some parts of it I found sort of funny and strange.

Sometimes I get the feeling God has pets and I'm not one of them.

-Hugh Prather, Spiritual Notes to Myself

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