The Canadian version of the Walk of Fame was established in 1998, and is located in Toronto's theatre district, on King Street, between the Royal Alexandra Theatre and thePrincess of Wales Theatre. Just like the Hollywood version, Canadian celebrities are paid tribute to with inlaid sidewalk stars (which are actually a sort of star/maple leaf design).

The Walk was founded by Bill Ballard, Diane Schwalm, and Peter Soumalias. It is sponsored by a number of companies, including Global, GM, Molsen, and Universal.


I've only seen the Walk once in person; it was on a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-Op with my roommate in February. I'm sure it's nice in the summer, but it loses something when it's all covered in snow, slush, sand, and road salt. But then that's just another thing that makes it so nicely Canadian.

Information obtained from the CBC and

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