Comedian from Tuskegee, Alabama. Executive Producer and star of Grace Under Fire. Her autobiography "Knee Deep in Paradise" details her eventful past, including alcoholism, drug abuse, and an abusive husband. Basically the staples for any Hollywood star. I don't know how many years her show was on, but it eventually got cancelled, and I believe I saw Ms. Butler in Wal Mart the other day, wearing a blue smock.

Point of Interest: Brett is named after Lady Brett Ashley in the Hemmingway classic: The Sun Also Rises.

"If I guess that I had at least three drinks a day from the age of sixteen to twenty-six, when I had my last one, that's almost eleven thousand drinks. When I surmise that I was very drunk over half of those days, I can't believe I have enough brain cells left to perform simple addition."

-Brett Butler

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