John Linnell's (of They Might Be Giants fame) very cool side project. The goal is to write a song about each of the 50 states. It includes the usual TMBG-style lyrics, short and catchy songs, and a variety of unusual instruments including merry-go-round organs.

In addition, the CD itself is full of all sorts of cool little things. The liner notes contain random facts about each state. The back and spine of the jewel case have small pictures of each state on the CD. The CD itself has track numbers scattered around on it in the same position that the state would be on a US map (you'll have to see it to know exactly what I mean). And finally, the picture behind the CD has outlines of each state drawn over top of each other. In all, it has excellent packaging.

I should probably also mention that this album is excellent for road trips. It's also got some of the most amazing and intelligent lyrics that I've heard from any recent album. For an example, read the South Carolina lyrics.

The first cd came out in 1999, with the following track listing:

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