Hey, Uncle Charlie
Bright eyes, palm down on the good book; you heard the good word
Innocuous bastard, down on the farm, preaching love to the herd
Number by number
Number by number
Because seven eight nine
one, one, one, two, three, four - man is five
Chemicals coarse a course of sticky sweet strawberry rye
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet made a black hole in your sky
Number by number
With your sex and your drugs, LSD, creativity; self-grandiose spawned depravity
You commanded your family to heaven
En espanol, como se dice "heaven is seven?"
Eight, Nine, Six, Nine
Number 9, Number 9?
To the end of the world party
Up on the hill
But your girls got too rowdy
Six took some pills
Then six took some spills
How I disdain the night blood percolated through the mountain
You stole our sweetness (yes, I'm still counting)
Then with the cessation of an unborn baby's breath
You tore innocence from the collective unconscious, and the lives out of our deaths
In attempt to distort beauty back away to reality
The maximum ascent turned reverse mid-stream
And clouds burst with acid flames
The well are now all weakened, having descended only to lay
In the junkyards of your dreams
While even the brightest stars now fail to luster
(numbers make us number)
In their speedy and hell-slash-slumber
(what treats just makes us dumber)
I sometimes wonder if the Holy Spirit isn't now but chilling
In a freezer, somewhere deep inside a cell at ol' San Quentin

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