I forsee you,
a living, angry art
Throwing shards of
Colored spirit glass

White ink
This nude silhouette
Our glorious experiment

Black smoke
Mad metal angel
Could he feel?
You are
Dust on an empty icon

Blue deep
You smear the sense
Of time
I am baptized
In thoughts you carelessly

Red electric grace
Created soul sex
Out of music
misConceived me
me the vivid, me the mess
Parading my bold rhythm
Which fights the ancient never

Purple, chiseled whisper
Mount the world and capture
All sound
Aim your royal scream,
against absurd human waste
Search answers between
Rigid truth
And raw fear

Gray monster moaning
As he
Turns to man
Grow now
Think, Weep
Ache, Create
And approach the other living

Color will bleed color
Stain him pretty
with her life
She will weld his pieces
Fill the empty surreal canvas
Her masterpiece is knowing
She will love him

Oh easy epic hero
To crack death
That strange villain
You must suffer life

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