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2 Fairy Tales on E2   category
3 Vampire Fiction on E2   category
4 Religious Fiction on E2   category
5 Tales of Rancho Nuevo   category
6 The New York Magician   category
7 City Magic   category
8 Stories from The World   category
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10 Cosmic Monstrosities and Lovecraftian Abominations   category
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12 The Adventures of Philosophus Stone!   category
13 Bluffton (fiction) Chord writeup
14 The dishes in the drying rack do not exist (fiction) Chord writeup
15 The ocean will one day give up its dead (fiction) taravel writeup
16 I hate my job (person) Fniff writeup
17 Out of Season (fiction) Lucy-S writeup
18 A Simple Method for Enchanting a Magic Whistle (how-to) Jet-Poop writeup
19 Hell, the Forms, and Everything: An Antigone Story (idea) dokool writeup
20 Everything dies a little in large parking lots (thing) Chord writeup
21 The Magick Genie Lamp (fiction) lostcauser writeup
22 One of the dangers of necromancy is you don't really know who's on the other side or what they're going to give you in return. (fiction) Silverai_me writeup
23 Youths (fiction) Zephronias writeup
24 Seas gone sleepy and lonely for ships again (fiction) andycyca writeup
25 Hope walks a tightrope between potential and expectation (fiction) Silverai_me writeup
26 My Taniwha (idea) Demeter writeup
27 How precious can human life be? There are six billion people on the planet! (person) gate writeup
28 Can't speed up, can't slow down - all we can do is follow these damn dogs (fiction) Zephronias writeup
29 The meadow, dark and moist. (idea) Apollyon writeup
30 Pixie dust (how-to) DonJaime writeup
31 We don't make good wives (fiction) grundoon writeup
32 I do not want to see the corpses that are surely on the bottom of the lake (fiction) Stuart writeup
33 I note that she is pretty, but we are off into the city, my werewolf friend and I (place) icicle writeup
34 The Tower (fiction) Zephronias writeup
35 Immortality blows (fiction) santo writeup
36 Confessions of a Pedestrian Traffic Light Gnome (idea) Footprints writeup
37 How mages discovered the scientific method (idea) enth writeup
38 How the scientists discovered magic   e2node
39 My werewolf faux pas (thing) Joeseph Crazy writeup
40 They say the prettiest girls get to be angels (place) Dimview writeup
41 To kill a mocking baby (person) Transitional Man writeup
42 For Sale to Loving Family (fiction) Jet-Poop writeup
43 memories of pain and water (fiction) Zephronias writeup
44 Witches are tricky. Ask the villagers. (fiction) Zephronias writeup
45 The Wrestling Princess and the Witch (fiction) Chord writeup
46 The Bird in the Woods (fiction) Zephronias writeup
47 The Maplewood Witch (fiction) Zephronias writeup
48 Aimery Vise, the Annis Witch (fiction) Zephronias writeup
49 St. Peter don't you call me (fiction) thalio writeup
50 Put an unmonitored piano in a public place. It's the only real magic that exists. (idea) gate writeup

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