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A sho in gan eyden iz oych gut. Az me hot a sach tsu ton, leygt men zich schlofn.
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Christine Ottaway 23 March 1964 - 29 March 2012

I had my first article published in a national newsletter today. The National Women's Health Review, for October. Thank you, Susan K. Flinn! Can't wait to see you both!

Thank you to ALL of you sending gifts and notes! Cake goodies, including a very silly and wonderful cake ring from Hatshepsut. Fab Mardi Gras hat and cookbook from Nancemuse. Gorgeous necklace from Taliesen's Muse and Nemosyn...

surgery. ATC Chemo. Chest radiation. Hormone therapy. Taxotere Chemo. Gamma knife radiation. Paclitaxel Chemo. Gamma knife radiation. Paclitaxel Chemo. Whole brain radiation. Xometa/zelota Chemo.

Why the willow weeps

<02:35 The camp of "You didn't get the joke." versus the camp of "It wasn't funny, and just because you giggle afterward doesn't mean it's a joke."

why the willow weeps
The mama and the dancing girl, unfurling
the walls were filled with gold
Food, shelter and a broadband connection
the aunt who lets you swear

When in doubt, darling...Plant trees.

Don't you 'Don't get riled sugar' ME."
The Queen of Soul, Blues Brothers

Good luck with that.

"I'm going to the great, grey-green greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever trees, to find out how the tiger got his stripes."

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace
To the last syllable of recorded time.
Out out, brief candle.
Life is but a walking shadow,
a poor player who struts and frets
his hour upon the stage.
It is a tale, told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.

On the topic of the asamoth:
01:02 lizardinlaw yeah, like why do people stay? Oh, right, guinea pig sexual arousal discussions lasting late in the night with the comfort of a keyboard, wires and internet between each of us and other actual warm troublesome human beans.

grundoon He has the body of a 22 year old. He keeps it in the crawl space.
grundoon What do you think, wertperch? Are we far creepier online than we are in real life, or about the same?
wertperch We're far creepier in real life.
Jet-Poop "Hello, me. Meet the real me. And my misfit's way of life. A dark black past is my most valued possession."
grundoon Bummer.
wertperch In real life there's all the fluffy-bunnikins, sugar-munchkin stuff, too.
grundoon Don't you don't get roused, sugar ME.
Jet-Poop I like to think of y'all as a slighty sweaty version of the Addams Family.
wertperch Well, hello, JetPoopster. How are all the ponies?
grundoon I don't have a black past, except for the smoke eating. I have a black (present)....wertperch. HAIRBALL.
rootbeer277 Dibs on Cousin Itt
eien_meru That's disturbing.
ChristineWinter I once flung dog shit in my mouth with a weed whacker.
grundoon Remarkably accurate, Jetty. Except I don't have the long black Mortisha hair currently. But bald works. And I have the DRESS.
Jet-Poop I think my coworkers really think I chop up children and put them into sandwiches...

Chiisuta: Someone brought their kid to work and dumped em on a PC in the editorial dept and I want to punch this kid in the face so badly. Is that wrong?
Roninspoon: Not at all. It's time the little bastard learned that the real world is full of scary mean women and that he better just go ahead and be gay cause everything with tits will kick his ass.
Roninspoon: Besides, I don't like the look of him.
Chiisuta: Well, I wouldn't punch him if he wasn't annoyingly chattering to himself while kicking the desk while we try to write. Or if he was gay. OH SHIT, YOU'RE RIGHT!
briglass: Hey leave me be! My mom dropped me off and I'm getting some quality e2 time, K?
Roninspoon: Way to go Chii, all this time it was environmental and not genetic and you're the asskicking switchblade sister that's been turning healthy boys into pansies for 40 years.
briglass: I was told I could get some free koolaid?
tetrisboy: nail his foot to the floor
Roninspoon: But since yer a chick and all, just whisper real quite into his ear, "I want you so bad." Then lick him a little and go home early. He'll pee himself and run away.
novasoy is crying already
Chris-O: dude, chii licking people is a BAD IDEA. waukegan still hasn't recovered from that "incident" in '83.
Roninspoon: Unless you've already gayed him up with yer intimidating woman juggers and glassy eyed scowl.

OK, I have realized I have a truly sick sense of humor. At least at four in the morning, which is when I ran across THIS. And don't forget, lay the lamb on it's LEFT side. What in the hell is the little vuvezela for?

Gamma Knife Mix CD: (If you're very good, wertperch may make you a copy)
Breakfast in the Field		Michael Hedges
Deepest Part Of Me		Dougie MacLean
Doffin' Mistress		Maddy Prior & June Tabor
Down to the River		Alison Krauss
Dropkick Me, Jesus		Bobby Bare
Friend of the Devil	        Grateful Dead
Gruts For Tea	                Ivor Cutler
The Happy Couple         	Michael Hedges
I'm on my Way		        The Proclaimers 
Kinky Boots		        Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman
Letter from America		The Proclaimers
Light My Fire		        The Doors
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)	The Proclaimers	
Mendocino	        	Sir Douglas Quintet
My Resistance Is Low		Robin Sarstedt
Oh! Darling			The Beatles
A Song of The Weather		Flanders and Swann
Spotted Cow		        Steeleye Span
Strati Na Angelaki Doumasche	Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
Tubthumping		        Chumbawamba
Two Magicians           	Steeleye Span

It's all cigar smoke and old ideas.

No more stupid, I am full.

                 You will never age for me, nor fade, 
                 nor die.

                 Nor you for me.

                 Good bye, my love, a thousand times 
                 good bye.

                 Write me well.

       She kisses him with finality. Then turns and runs from 
       him. WILL watches as she goes.


       A blank page. A hand is writing: TWELFTH NIGHT. We see 
       WILL sitting at his table.

                           WILL (VO)
                 My story starts at sea…a perilous 
                 voyage to an unknown land…a shipwreck


       Two figures plunge into the water

                           WILL (VO)
                 the wild waters roar and heave…the 
                 brave vessel is dashed all to pieces, 
                 and all the helpless souls within her 


       WILL at his table writing

                           WILL (VO)
                 all save one … a lady


       VIOLA in the water

                           WILL (VO)
                 whose soul is greater than the ocean … 
                 and her spirit stronger than the sea's 
                 embracenot for her a watery end, but 
                 a new life beginning on a stranger 

       EXT. BEACH. DAY.

       VIOLA is walking up a vast and empty beach ….

                           WILL (VO CONTINUED)
                 It will be a love story … for she will 
                 be my heroine for all time

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