Prayers for my receptionist please.

Thursday early afternoon she said, "I need to go."

"Not feeling well?" I say, amidst patient chaos.

"I feel faint. I am going to drive myself to the ER."

"Oh no you aren't. Ambulance or I drive you. You do not drive faint."

She chose me. Off to the ER.

Home later. Back Saturday. Home yesterday. But last night another call, back in. And this am a call at four. She is in a ambulance headed for the first ferry to Seattle, to one of the big hospitals.

I want to get hold of her. I am happy to cancel clinic and head over there to help boss doctors around. She is tired. It is hard to make decisions sick. I have been trying to stay out of it because I'm not her doctor, I'm her employer.

But I am also her friend.

Prayers for her, ok?

I can't submit it to horror quest, but I am scared/worried for her.

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