A poem written by myself, Jay Holliday, for a very classy girl I once fell in love with. I just have to share it with anyone interested.

Today I go to see my girl,
In her arms I like it much;
Her smile beams white teeth of pearl.
Her red lips with mine I touch.

Beneath her glossy foxy hair
There beams the hazel eye,
My blinding light of love lives there
In which forever I hope to lie.

Her breath a field of blooming flowers,
In fragrance and perfume;
Her voice I'd listen to for hours,
A gift from angels I assume.

The time I spend with her although,
She fills me with her love,
Be it days, weeks, months or so,
That time is never long enough.

And when it is time to leave her side.
We take that final kiss,
Till next time memories do reside,
Of her to whom I miss.

Before I leave for my own land,
With pride I tell her true,
My lips pressed soft against her hand,
"Dearest, I love you..."

-Jay Holliday

Thanks for reading, I dont pretend to be a great at poetry, I'm just a regular guy with a strong passion for a girl and this said everything I wanted to say. I hope it meets with good reception, and if it does I may post more of my poems in the future.

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