We know she's Welsh. We know she's beautiful. Let's fill in the blanks.

Catherine, an intense Libra (Moon in Pisces..mmm) was born on September 25th, 1969, in small fishing village called Mumbles. She was named after her grandmothers, one of which is Catherine. The other grandmother is called "Zeta," a nickname given in honor of a ship her grandfather sailed on. I was surprised to learn that she's an average 5'8". She carries herself confidently, and in my fantasies she's always towered over me, her hair pulled back, wearing...

Whoops! Sorry. :)
/me clears her throat.

Catherine has been acting since she was 11, her roots in a production of Annie. She made her public acting debut in a British musical, taking over the lead in David Merrick's 42nd Street when she was only 16, but she wasn't well known until 1991 when she starred in a Yorkshire television series called The Darling Buds of May. The show became a smash hit, catapulting her into popularity around the UK. After the end of the show's run, Catherine returned to heightened success on stage. Her film debut was in Scheherazade (1990), a film by Philip de Broca -- the man responsible for discovering her. Catherine is also a talented singer and has occasionally performed with the English National Opera.

Mainstream US culture didn't take notice of her until her role in four-hour television docu-drama Titanic. It was after this that she caught the eye of producer Steven Spielberg, and he recommended her for the leading role in The Mask of Zorro. I don't think we could forget her after that movie. Besides, from what I hear, she's quite well versed in the usage of swords now.

/me smiles in-noh-cent-ly with a gleam in her eye...

Not-Quite-Complete Filmography:

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