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2009: Update All Things Kink in order to clear out my mailbox. :) And maybe write some more. Heck, Maybe even date another noder or two. Volunteers?
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"The only way to make a difference in the world is to put 10 times as much effort into everything as anyone else thinks is reasonable. It doesn't leave time for golf or cocktails but it gets things done." -HGR
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Deeahblita's Dynamite Derriere-Bouncing 30th Birthday Bash
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Deeahblita's Dynamite Derriere-Bouncing 30th Birthday Bash
(most humiliating birthday party EVAH).

To node: Ducky Doolittle; On Our Backs - I was a centerfold model!; phi theta kappa; Various nursing and anatomy homework;

Curious and Complimentary Comments I've Collected
These are probably the reason I'm still here.

2001.01.30 at 04:24 mat catastrophe says i believe that i just blushed for the first time in ages. you saucy, saucy lady!

2001.03.02 at 19:10 graceness says You seem like a very strong person. I doubt the opinion of a stranger means much, but I think you are an intriguing person and I admire your courage. :)

2001.03.02 at 22:01 Infinite Burn says I'm a dirty, dirty Whore! Look at me Mom, I'm a dirty, dirty whore!

2001.03.04 at 13:45 liha says You know, it's fun typing your name! :) Keep up da good work, womon!

2001.04.01 at 01:49 EDB says I see you.

2001.04.05 at 13:09 Rancid_Pickle says Believe in yourself, the rest is gravy

2001.04.09 at 15:50 NothingLasts4ever says white lines running through your mind.... white lines...

2001.04.26 at 16:51 yossarian says don't go over to the dark side, dee. from there, there is no coming back. and didn't someone once say, god helps those who help themselves? =)

2001.05.06 at 09:36 WolfDaddy says you c!'ed me! *KISS* :-D Is that a first? I'm soooo excited you C!'ed me!!!

2001.07.26 at 01:28 m_turner says I... stumbled across this link - thought you might find it useful... if not amusing. (I was looking for casting bones as in divination... not as in wax models) <--- check it out everyone!

2001.09.19 at 04:44 DejaMorgana says thanks for c!ing my daylog. As it was really the first time i've done a real opinion piece on E2, that meant a lot to me. BTW, i think yer homenode is beautiful and so is what i've seen of your writing.

2001.12.05 at 21:28 eliCampion says Sadly, the node node naked on your homenode no longer existed. My curiosity is going to nag me forever.

2002.01.08 at 00:46 Walter says Your flying balls abuse is now documented for all to read and judge. Beware.

2002.01.31 at 12:55 ^Davion^ says Hey, Girl. (Boy? Uh, I think of you as a girl, anyway) how's it going? Just thought I'd tell you that I think your noding's great. You're one of the best! I also found the "punch thyself". Agh! I'm only level 1 so I've 5 XP left... NE, Good noding. Bye! *(giggle)*

2002.02.06 at 22:54 Chiisuta says I loved your Feb 6 (uh, today) daylog. I think that creative people can find companionship and sex and good friends, but love passes them by, because they are too smart to be able to let go all the way, and so they can never hold onto it. So they create and that is love too.

2002.02.22 at 17:52 momomom says re February 6, 2002: nag but come on, you also know out of all the "risky" behaviors you have chronicled smoking is the least pleasurable and most dangerous. STOP IT). Oh and thanks for the c! on February 19, 2002.

more to come...

Every time I see him, he is a rarer color of M&M, only to be found in a freak batch

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