You! Us! Strippers! My scantily clad booty! Awesome bartenders!
Must be over 21 years old with valid ID

December 1, 2006; 9p-4am

** However, I will also be dancing on Nov 29th & 30th from 9p-4a if you already have plans for next Friday! **

1089 Grand St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC near the Metropolitan Avenue Bridge, between Varick & Vandervoort Streets.

L Train to Grand St, walk or bus downhill about 5 minutes.

I can offer floor/futon crash space if any noders come from afar.

1. This is my last birthday party in NYC (I'm moving to SF in '07)
2. I'm proudly turning 30, despite the "29 and holding" party last year
3. Birthdays + Strippers = Fuuuuuuun. Our club is fairly small, the girls are all friendly and we like to consider it a "family environment" as much as it can be one within legal limits.
4. For once I really do get to run around in my birthday suit on my birthday in public. :)
5. Liquor!
6. You'll be contributing to charity (see below), not just me.

How much:
There's no cover charge! Don't bother with gifts, give the gift of having me showered by $10, $20, $30, $40, $50+++ in singles. This from multiple people multiple times is the perfectest gift this girl could ask for. My goal is to raise funds for rent, tuition, bills, travel, and fun things like a stripper pole in my house and dance classes...and have a lot of fun in the process.

Heck, if you're seriously broke I would even cherish a single dollar, a poem, a postcard, a picture, a ching. :) I'm ultimately grateful for your presence more than anything.

In honor of World AIDS Day I'm going to be donating at least 10% of my earnings Friday night to God's Love We Deliver, a NYC charity that delivers meals to persons with HIV/AIDS & other chronic illnesses. You can also donate directly to them online in my honor at http://www.godslovewedeliver.org/donate_home.html

Gratuitous plea: Heck, you can also donate directly to me via paypal to deeahblita @ y a h o o . c o m (Remove spaces).

Dress code:
None, well, wear something. Heh. But sexy, suave, and/or silly costumery and accessories and makeup are always welcomed. :)

Even if you can only make it at 3 am or 3:30 am or only for half an hour, please come by.

Mucho love, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and I wish you all the best end of year you've ever had.

Deeahblita (the user) aka Dynamite(not the user)

Archived comments:

joes3029: I'd love to come, but South Africa's a bit of a long drive from NYC, so I fear I must shower you instead with imaginary change. Happy Birthday to you none the less.

Dimview Ooohh... I'd love to come, but, alas, NYC is too far from Copenhagen, Denmark. Too bad, 'cause it does sound like my kinda party ;-D Happy B-day, anyway.

GentlemanJim Hey, I can't throw you $1...I don't think it'd have the same vibe. Besides, the whole stripping thing depresses the shit out of me. Haven't set foot in a place like that since 1995, when I got dragged into them by 20something friends. "Give me money so I can pretend I like you". What ISN'T depressing about that? ;)

Willforce: Perhaps this has already occurred to you, but isn't it kind of ironic that the money you plan to donate to the cause of fighting HIV (among other diseases) will come from people who've come to ogle scantily-clad women? One reason HIV is such a problem, despite its highly preventable nature, is that in the human mind, sexual arousal and keenness of judgment tend to be inversely proportional.

smartalix: I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the party, I had a last-minute issue come up. I owe you one. Happy belated birthday!

Strong_Bow79: Happy birthday to us!

Lometa: *balloons* Happy Birthday deeahblita!

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