Welcome to the starting point for a journey down deviant's lane. :) As an increasing amount of my own "To Node" list bears topics relating to kink, I thought it useful and appropriate to create a metanode for those of us that are on a quest to node all aspects of WIIWD. In addition, it's my hope that this shall serve as an index for the curious explorer who wants to know what else is out there besides what's been dubbed vanilla sex. So come on in and learn a new trick! :)

Kinky noders, please /msg me with potential updates.
If there is an asterisk (*) it means that it's a node which needs a writeup relevant to us.

See also:
winged's Node Quest: Kinky

A nice spanking goes out to all of those who have contributed

Safety First!
Avoiding sexually transmitted disease
Sexually Transmitted Diseases metanode
Condom / Dental Dam / Latex Gloves
Saran Wrap*

Safe / Sane / Consensual / (SSC) / "safe, sane and consensual"
Risk / Aware / Consensual / Kink / (RACK)
Adult / Informed / Aware / (AIA)

Kink 101
BDSM - Not Just Kinky Sex
Ugol's Law
Submissive / Bottom / Slave
Sex Laws in the Fifty States
non-vanilla sexual proclivity
Sadomasochism / Sadism / Masochism
Dominant / Top / Mistress / Master
Submissive BDSM Play Partner Check List
Girlfriends who like to molest your nipples
When you can't talk about what your sexual needs
Pocket Hanky Code *** I've earned a light blue one!

Do Masochists Enjoy Slamming their Fingers in a Car Door?
Why Masturbating with Icy Hot is a Bad Idea
Statistical Correlation Between Foot Size and Penis Length
Sexual Deviants as portrayed in psychology books and 50's morality films

Techniques and Toys
Anal sex toys | birching | blood sport | Bondage | Brown Shower | butt-plug | Caning | Catherine Wheel | Clothespin* | Double dildo | Duct Tape | Electrosexual / Violet Wand / TENS Unit | Enema | Erotic Asphyxiation / Gas Mask* | Fireplay | Fisting / Anal Fisting* | Flogging | Gag* / ring gag / dildo gag | Golden Shower / Water Sports | Knife Play | Mind Control | nose hook | oculolinctus/licking eyeballs | rape fantasy | chin dildo | ponygirl | Pussy Snorkel | role-playing | Roman Shower | Saran Wrap* | scarification | Spanking | spreader | tickling | vibrating nipple clamps | Water sports | Whip / Bull Whip / Snake Whip / Signal Whip

Bored with the status quo?
Pick a new fetish today!

Lifestyle Variations

Public Sex
Glory Hole FAQ
Why is sex in public generally disapproved of by society?
Sex Clubs* tea room

Self Sex
Masturbation FAQ
Masturbation Techniques
Autoerotic asphyxiation
Masturbating in Public
Kegel exercises
Will I lose my ability to perform with a partner if I masturbate?
Woofer Masturbation

Organizations, Clubs, and Resources
play party
bdsm munch
Black Rose (DC)
My First TES Meeting
Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM) (NY)
Leather Archives and Museum (IL)
Society of Janus (CA)
Living in Leather
Kink Aware Professionals
National Coalition For Sexual Freedom
Dykes 'n Dolls (FL)
Hell Fire Club

Marquis De Sade
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

Literature, Media, and Educators
story codes
Jay Wiseman
Tristan Taormino
Susie Bright
Story of O
Venus in Furs
Aye, and Gomorrah
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns : The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism

Everythingians on Kink
WonkoDSane's Spatula of Extreme Agony
My swedish vibrator doesn't have Linux drivers!
toe slut

The Modern Sadomasochist

This is just the beginning. More to come!

last updated 3-28-09

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