an exercise involving contraction of the rectal sphincter and outer vaginal muscles simultaneously. If you want to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly, stop your urine stream. Practice of this exercise tones the muscles in anticipation of childbirth, provides greater sexual satisfaction for the woman, and she can use her muscles to the enjoyment of a male sex partner.

Note that males can also do kegels. A simpler term for understanding them may be penis push-ups; you contract your pelvic muscle group and, if your member is erect, this will manifest itself in movement. It's the exact same thing as a kegel in females (after all, the sexes are just slightly different, physically), and assists in bladder control and ejaculation strength. They're known to enhance penis size too; consider it if you want an upgrade. Do them in sets when bored!

The muscle involved in Kegel exercises is the pubococcygeus muscle and Kegels are supposedly good for helping prevent incontinence (men and women) and vaginal prolapse (women) too.

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