I remember hearing that gays use a special code to display what they like, and whether they like do do it, or have it done to them.

A lengthy trawl round some fairly unsavoury websites today has confirmed this to be the case! It boils down to what colour your handkerchief is, and which pocket it's in. There appear to be about 50 different hanky colour codes (eg. red & white = shaving, olive = uniform, fuscia = spanking), and handkerchief placement says whether you're an -er or an -ee. (e.g. left pocket = spanker, right pocket = spankee)

So how did this complicated protocol get started? Is there an underground RFC system?

A total catalogue of weird and vanilla things is available to those who know the code and go that way.

It's rarely used, but this could be useful if, perhaps, you are trying to find a pay phone to call and you just happen to have a gray hanky in your pocket and the only place within walking distance is a gay bar.

Or you might want to pick out your clothing for tonight. I don't know.

Worn on Left           COLOUR        Worn on Right 

heavy SM top BLACK heavy SM bottom bondage top GREY Tie me up, Scotty wants head LT BLUE cocksucker 69er ROBIN'S EGG anything but 69ing cop MEDIUM BLUE copsucker fucker NAVY BLUE fuckee pilot/flight attendant AIRFORCE BLUE likes flyboys sailor LT BLUE/WHITE STRIPE lookin' for salty seamen cock & ball torturer TEAL BLUE cock & ball torturee fist fucker RED fist fuckee cuts MAROON bleeds 2-handed fister DARK RED 2-handed fistee dildo fucker LIGHT PINK dildo fuckee tit torturer DARK PINK tit torturee into navel fetishist MAUVE has a navel fetish suck my pits MAGENTA armpit freak piercer PURPLE piercee likes drag queens LAVENDER drag queen pisser/WS YELLOW piss freak spits PALE YELLOW drool crazy hung 8" or more MUSTARD wants a big one two looking for one GOLD one looking for two anything anytime ORANGE nothing now (cruising) two tons o' fun APRICOT chubby chaser suck my toes CORAL shrimper a cowboy RUST his horse spanker FUSCHIA spankee for rent gigilo KELLY GREEN john (looking to buy) daddy HUNTER GREEN orphan looking for daddy military top OLIVE DRAB military bottom Eats food LIME GREEN Serves Food rimmer BEIGE rimmee scat top BROWN scat bottom uncut BROWN LACE likes uncut cut BROWN SATIN likes cut latex fetish top CHARCOAL latex fetish bottom actually owns a suit GREY FLANNEL likes men in suits beat my meat WHITE I'll do us both milker HOLSTEIN milkee comes in scumbags CREAM sucks it out park sex top RED/WHITE GINGHAM park sex bottom headmaster BROWN CORDUROY student wears boxer shorts PAISLEY likes boxer shorts bestialist top FUR bestialist bottom want muscleboy bottoms GOLD LAME likes muscleboy tops starfucker SILVER LAME celebrity has/takes videos BLACK VELVET will perform for the camera voyeur WHITE VELVET will put on a show has tattoos LEOPARD likes tattoos smokes cigars TAN likes cigars cuddler TEDDY BEAR cuddlee chicken KEWPIE DOLL chicken hawk wears a dirty jock DIRTY JOCKSTRAP sucks it clean tearoom top (pours) DOILY tearoom bottom (drinks) outdoor sex top MOSQUITO NETTING outdoor sex bottom has drugs ZIPLOC BAG looking for drugs bartender COCKTAIL NAPKIN bar groupie stinks KLEENEX sniffs has a home KEYS IN FRONT has a car needs a place to stay KEYS IN BACK looking for a ride likes to nibble HOUNDSTOOTH will be bitten skinhead top UNION JACK skinhead bottom new in town CALICO tourists welcome bathhouse top TERRYCLOTH bathhouse bottom hosting an orgy WHITE/MULTICOLOR DOTS looking for an orgy safe sex top BLACK/WHITE CHECK safe sex bottom shaver RED/WHITE STRIPE shavee furry bear RED/BLACK STRIPE likes bears likes white bottoms WHITE LACE likes white tops likes black bottoms BLACK/WHITE STRIPE likes black tops likes latino bottoms BROWN/WHITE STRIPE likes latino tops likes asian bottoms YELLOW/WHITE STRIPE likes asian tops likes white suckers LT BLUE/WHITE DOTS likes to suck whites likes black suckers LT BLUE/BLACK DOTS likes to suck blacks likes latino suckers LT BLUE/BROWN DOTS likes to suck latinos likes asian suckers LT BLUE/YELLOW DOTS likes to suck asians
Partially from Elf Sternberg's site: http://www.halcyon.com/elf/hankies.html (I made up some of the silly ones)

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