Giving yourself a water enema

Disclaimer: This is advice based on personal experience, and is not endorsed by any medical practitioner. If you're in any doubt, ask someone who is paid to know.

There are several circumstances under which someone might want to give themselves an enema. I'll list a select few:

You've been fasting

Many people fast for religious reasons or as part of a health regimen. If you fast for 3 days or longer, it is quite a good idea to have an enema, as fasting can cause the body to take advantage of the break in digestive activity to eliminate toxins which are dumped in the colon. If these are not removed they can re-enter the bloodstream, making your fast somewhat pointless.

You've been ill

For similar reasons, the body can deposit toxins in the colon during an illness. However, always ask your doctor before treating yourself in any way until you have some experience.

You're very health-conscious

Some people want to take enemas as part of a cleansing regime, or even just as part of their normal routine, like taking a weekly bath.


Some people find enemas a sexual turn-on. If this is you, then you probably already know what you like, and good luck with it.

The Tips

  • First, make sure you've got at least half an hour of uninterrupted time alone in the bathroom. There's nothing worse than having to communicate rationally and loudly with someone through a bathroom door when you've got a couple of pints of warm water in your guts which you don't want to let go of just yet.
  • Get the proper equipment. No biro-casing and/or hosepipe jobs. Your rectum is a tender organ prone to tearing. The most basic enema equipment consists of a squeezable bulb with two tubes at either end, one of which is for placing in a water source, the other of which has a slim plastic nozzle for painless insertion into your arse. You can get it cheaply at most medical supply shops and maybe even some pharmacies.
  • Don't use too much water. A suggested amount is 2 litres but the only guideline is, don't put so much up that you are in pain. You are cleaning your colon, not trying to turn yourself into a water balloon.
  • Make sure it's warm water, close to or slightly warmer than body temperature. If it's too cold you can shock your internal organs and your immune system, making yourself vulnerable to illness. Also, it feels much more comfortable when it's warm. Likewise, make sure it isn't too hot, or you'll scald yourself! Another E2 user has a tip: whatever feels comfortable on the inside of your forearm is going to be fine.
  • It's easy to get the water in if you're using equipment as described above. Once it's in, lie down on the floor and tuck your knees up to your chest. This will make it easier to hold in the water, as you'll probably be feeling like you really need to go to the toilet, like right now. You can rock from side to side a little, this is supposed to help the water to go further through your insides, but don't do any kind of vigorous activity.
  • After 5 or 10 minutes get up again, sit on the toilet and, well, do what comes naturally. Just relax and let your body take care of things. It may take a little while. It can sometimes be good to massage your abdomen in a clockwise motion (clockwise if you were looking at yourself) as this can help move the water out. The important thing, as always, is:
  • Don't go too hard! Depending on what kind of person you are, this can be quite an emotional experience. Go ahead, laugh, but remember, it takes a lot to put anything significant into your arse when for most of your life things have been coming out. Anyone who has had anal sex will probably understand.
  • There is plenty of information available on the web on this topic (as I said, the above guidelines are just from personal experience related to fasting). Here are some random URLs:

En"e*ma (?), n.; pl. L. Enemata (#). [L. enema, Gr. , fr. to send in; in + to send.] Med.

An injection, or clyster, thrown into the rectum as a medicine, or to impart nourishment.



© Webster 1913.

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