Why are there no recreational drugs taken in suppository form?

--George Carlin

Mr. Carlin, unfortunately, underestimated the ingenuity of your average drug user. "Booty Bumping" is a slang term that has sprung up to describe the ingestion of recreational substances through one's anus.

As far as my pre-Google knowledge goes, I was only aware of people booty bumping MDMA. People would just take a pressed pill, and frankly, stick it up their butt and walk funny for a while until it dissolved. I first heard of the term from a guy named Sharkey, who had no problem with telling me that he would never eat another pill again. I declined to be introduced to the wonders of anal entheogen insertion. Apparently other drugs are used in this manner also, particularly speed, although in the case of meth, the substance is dissolved in water and squirted into the rectum with the use of a syringe, sans needle. It's kind of like a stimulant enema. According to the testimony of people I'd talked to who had done this with MDMA (I've never met anyone who's done it with speed), the absortion rate is higher, and the resulting high is much more intense and long lasting as compared to the oral ingestion route, while causing much less nausea. This makes sense - the tissues of the anus are very rich in capillaries, making it an effective, if less than ideal, avenue for drug absorption, and bypassing the stomach eliminates most nausea problems.

There are a few safety measures to keep in mind when booty bumping, but before I lay those out, I'd first like to say that sticking illegal drugs up your ass is an inherently risky proposition. This should go without saying, but please keep this in mind. As is true for all pleasurable, albeit risky, activities, abstinence is the safest route.

  • If you're inserting a pill, please use a latex glove. Basic sanitation is a good thing.
  • If you're using a syringe to squirt in a drug solution, please don't share the syringe between users. The feces that can be transferred between users in this manner can infect you with hepatitis, parasites, and any number of infectious diseases. Again, basic sanitation is very important. A latex glove should also be used with this method, ideally.
  • The tissues of your anus are very sensitive, and many street drugs (especially meth) come in the form of a hydrochloride salt. In other words, they are somewhat corrosive, as well as being an abrasive powder. Placing these substances in direct contact with your most tender regions can cause inflammation, tearing, and irritation.
  • On another note, if you're into anal sex, and you attempt to 'bottom' after booty bumping, please be aware that you are introducing a corrosive, abrasive powder into your rectum, and as such, the tearing and inflammation of both your rectum and your partner's penis can increase the risk of STD transmission. Worse, the presence of said drugs can also increase the risk of condom breakage, making safer sex an even more difficult goal than usual. If you're planning on participating in anal intercourse, booty bumping is probably a bad idea.
  • Make sure to clean everything thoroughly, including your hands, immediately after booty bumping. Your ass isn't a very clean place - treat it as such.
  • And finally, since you're bypassing the stomach and absorbing the drug directly into your bloodstream, any inherent risks from the drug itself will be increased.

Apparently, 'booty bumping' is also a slang term for consensual anal intercourse between two men, but this usage seems to be more rare.

Have fun, and no, I won't be shaking your hand, thanks.

wertperch says: I thought this was going to be about dancing, damn you.

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