1. Grab a balloon, no matter how big, small or funny shaped.
  2. Attach the neck to a tap or faucet. (Come on, you know which neck.)
  3. Turn the tap on. Put plenty of cold water in. (For an extra thrill, add an ice-cube and wait until said ice-cube melts before progressing to Step 4.)
  4. Once said balloon is full, turn tap off and tie off neck of balloon.
  5. Lob at targets of choice.
  6. Repeat. Always repeat.

The water-balloon cult is everywhere. Every summer, kids fill up balloons with water and chuck them at friends, enemies, water-fight contestants, the animals, whichever is most appropriate and convenient at the time. It gives them some weird sort of delight to see one pop on someone's back and see that someone get soaking wet.

Water-balloons have evolved somewhat. At the corner store these days, you can get a packet of water bombs (miniature balloons with tiny necks) for just 40c. They can also often be used in conjunction with water pistols. Water fights are great ways to have fun and keep cool during the summer at the same time. Lovely.

Curse these water restrictions...

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