A German B horror flick marketed in the US by Troma Films. Auf Deutsch: Kondom des Grauens

Basic Plot: A bunch of evil condoms run amok in the bowels of NYC (where everyone speaks German, for some reason), biting off poor blokes' weewees. A gay Sicilian chain-smoking cop gets his left testicle bitten off, and vows to destroy the evil contraceptives with the aid of a male prostitute, a badly made-up drag queen, a homophobic co-worker, and various other zany characters. A story of love, sex, hanky codes, dicks, religious conservatism, and sweet innocent girls from Farmville Oklahoma.

It's really a fun movie, full of surprises, and if you happen to speak German, you'll catch a lot of the jokes that just couldn't be translated. It's one of those movies that are so bad, they're good.

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