With the relative success of 1999's Bats, I've decided to start producing feature-length motion pictures. But without the bankrolling of a major Hollywood player, I have to rely on no-name and up-and-coming talent, a script I've written myself, and cheap, poorly-lit, horribly designed set pieces. Basically, a B-movie.

My idea? Get this... it's called "Leaves". It's about killer leaves that attack without warning and kill with extreme prejudice. The great thing is... as long as I film it in New England during the fall, I'll have no shortage of villains! For special effects? A leaf-blower! And the leaf-blower can also double as the weapon that our buxom heroine will wield to keep the leaves at bay while our handsome hero discovers the mystery behind the recalcitrant foliage.

In order to get things rolling, I've started writing the script. Take a look... it's a real grabber!


		written by Orange Julius
		   copyright 2000


Two children are playing in the yard.  TIMMY is raking
leaves into a big pile.  BECKY is emptying a plastic 
garbage bag full of leaves into the same pile.

	This is going to be fun!
	You bet!

The pair backs up to the other end of the yard and 
prepares for the running jump into the pile of leaves.

	Me first!  Me first!
	Nuh-uh.  Boys first!

Timmy sprints forward and dives headlong into the 
leaves.  His head pops up slowly with a painful expression
on his face.

	Ow!  That hurt!

	What's the matter, you big baby?

	Ouch!  That really hurts!

The leaf pile begins to rustle.  Suddenly,  Timmy
disappears under the pile of leaves.  They continue to
rustle, and then stop.  Becky begins to inch closer. 


Timmy BURSTS out of the top of the leaf pile wallowing 
in pain.  He is covered with BLOODY CUTS AND SCRAPES.  
He begins screaming.

Becky screams in horror as the pile of leaves  CONSUMES
TIMMY'S FLESH.  Within seconds, he is nothing but 
bloodstained bones.  Becky is silent and too frightened
to move.  Suddenly the leaves swirl up into a TORNADO-
LIKE FUNNEL and being to swirl around Becky.  She 
screams as we pan away to an angry sky and the opening

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