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This space for rent! Call Big Al for more details!

Seriously, though, I'm cleaning it up.


I believe in Kelly's Roast Beef, streets with no names, and girls who pronounce 'room' as though it were an alcoholic beverage. I believe in thick, juicy steaks, outdoor grillin', and fast cars with no tops. I believe in grabbing some afternoon delight and making slow, passionate love all night long. I believe that Roger Clemens is a con man and a scoundrel, and that the Red Sox will win the World Series next year. I believe in wide open spaces, and that Vasily Borodin was right on when he wanted to move to Montana and raise rabbits. I believe in mistletoe, pumpkin carvings, homemade apple pie, and fireworks on the 4th of July. I belive that Sunday mornings were made for sleeping in, and Sunday afternoons were made for professional football. I believe that the midriff is the sexiest part of a woman's anatomy, right after her eyes. I believe that rhubarb is the king of all vegetables, and that baseball will always be our National Pasttime. I believe that most of the world's problems can be solved with women's underwear. I believe in true love, happy endings, and child-like optimism. I believe in non-sequiturs, postcards from distant cities, and long winding rants inspired by Bull Durham.