A claim made on behalf of slightly textured condoms. I rather doubt that a bit of waviness with a height of a millimeter or so is going to make a difference one way or another. I guess with some guys, every millimeter counts.

Hint to condom marketers: If you're interested in "her pleasure", hand out pamphlets explaining the function of the clitoris and encouraging people to ask their lovers what they like!

I turn 'em inside out... for MY pleasure! Buwahahahaha!

Just kidding, folks... that's not a day at the Magic Kingdom.

A fantastic claim made by condom manufacturers on their product packaging that operates under the assumption that internal vaginal tissue tearing is somehow integral to female sexual experience. This theory often leads misguided suburban youth to purchase ribbed condoms in unit packages of twelve or more in hopes of becoming the stuff of urban legend.

Seeing that my fiance must be one of those misguided suburban youths that goneaway mentioned, I feel that I must add to this writeup and add my personal experience with ribbed condoms.

You see, one night my fiance and I decided to get frisky but had used up the previous package of condoms. So he goes out to a 24 hour convenience store and grabs some. But what delicious variety did he get hmmm? Super-ribbed, for her pleasure. Good god, the ridges were at least 3 mm high and very stiff.

"But they're ribbed for your pleasure!"

The amount of friction these little ridges created were pretty incredible. Adding to that the delicate nature of the tissues in the vagina - and you've got Super Sandpaper Condoms rubbing you raw.

"Uh, hon? Could you stop for a second? My loins feel like they are on fire - and I don't mean that in a good way..."

It took a few days to recover from that, which meant no nookie, as the inflamed walls of my vagina were still very angry at my fiance and his super ribbed condoms. I mean HONESTLY! Who in their right mind would think that condoms textured like sandpaper would feel good?! Please, do not buy into that "ribbed for her pleasure" thing that these condoms makers are pushing -- for your own good!

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