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UPDATE (2005-09-11):
As you've noticed, I'm rarely around these days. Recently I have felt drawn toward e2 once more, but with the feeling that I may not have anything further to contribute. I intend to wait patiently upon inspiration rather than inflict needlessly upon you the rusty noding skills that are no longer accompanied by beginner's mind. My LiveJournal username is sylvar, too, so drop in and say hello if you wish.

I married turtlebat in June 2004, but she doesn't node either. Oh well. I'm finally getting her to start using LiveJournal (turtlebat23), which is a start.

Writeups of which I was once perhaps unnecessarily proud

Bounty Hunt!

legbagede has done an amazing job of explaining new wave music. Please join me in chinging that writeup from here to eternity.

I want to reward good writeups. Please let me know if you write something about the following topics:

  • Your favorite genre of music:
    • When did it begin?
    • What musical and (if applicable) technological developments led to it?
    • Who were the pioneers?
    • What songs and albums are great examples?
    • What artists and genres has it influenced?
  • Automotive stuff:
    • Describe parts of vehicles.
      • What other names does it have?
      • What system is it part of? (drive, steering, climate, safety...)
      • With what other parts does it interact?
      • What is its function?
      • What happens if it underperforms or fails?
      • What should be done to keep it working? Can it be inspected visually? Does it have a particular sound when it's in trouble?
    • Describe maintenance procedures.
      • When should it be done? (At a regular interval? When something specific happens?)
      • Can it be safely performed by the average vehicle owner? If so, what tools are needed and how long should it take?
      • What could happen if this maintenance procedure is neglected?
    • Describe kinds of vehicles (motorcycle, sidecar, sedan, coupe, lowrider, sports car, SUV, station wagon...)
    • Describe specific models. What years feature major redesigns? What are the major improvements? Are there any design flaws that are noteworthy?

Again, please tell me when you've written something along these lines. I'm always looking for good noding to reward.

/me misses sensei.

Sylvar is NOT a female Cathar Jedi. Mucusfilm stole my name a year or two after I'd begun using it. But just try explaining that to a Star Wars geek...

Sylvar learned of Everything from Segnbora-t.

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