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I am a student and boyfriend and reader of too many books at the same time. I like email especially if you wanna talk about stuff would be pert near impossible in the catbox. Yoon would like to publically state that she will never participate in Everything2.

#I'm hovering between thinking that studying sociology is a good thing and #that it is masturbatory bullshit sorta like dream interpretation. Okay, so now I'm actually an English major which I'm absolutely sure is masturbatory bullshit but is much more fun than crunching numbers to hallucinate theory from. Feel free to heckle me.

Right now I feel like I'm on my own private Everything Quest to node as much as I can about Black History or at least the more important/interesting parts of it. Please msg me if you have a suggestion.

attempt communication: That goes for everyone except EDB. I appreciate you calling me tasty but I am spoken for.

Experience new highs of blogger craprificness at

Thanks to everyone who msgs with suggestions and comments. I do appreciate it. I am trying to do the same. If you get a seemingly random message from me then you know you wrote something that kicked my ass. I think that some people put in a lot of dirty work into E2 in the form of fact noding that really doesn't get much attention either with votes or acknowledgement. I am trying to practice what you preach.

I am very, very much a Nothinger. I bought the Nodespotting shirt.

Historical Figures Who You Should Know More About

Moments of Temporary Insanity When I Thought I Had Everything2 All Figured Out

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