An Everything Quest is a special event held to drum up new writeups on a certain theme. Quests last only for a limited time, and submitted new writeups that fulfill the quest criteria are usually lavishly rewarded. The exact conditions and rewards vary from quest to quest. Cut and paste writeups, however, are strongly frowned upon -- instead, node what you know, and newer quests have usually been themed to better suit this.

The original idea for Everything Quests was invented by dem bones and clampe in the spring of 2000. Originally, only site administrators were allowed to create E2 quests, but nowadays any user can run a quest. It is strongly recommended that you contact a member of the e2gods usergroup beforehand, however. He or she will be able to help you assess whether your idea fits the kind of content E2 is looking for, and will also be able to help you out with granting GP rewards and getting your quest properly announced on the front page. It is also a good idea to scan through the nodes listed below to see what quests have already happened and how they were run.

The following is a list of all Everything Quests to date, in reverse chronological order. The date given is the closing date of the Quest.

The Everything Quests

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Partly drawn by gn0sis and caknuck from now assimilated writeups by sabre23t and dem bones, now under the supervision of mauler.

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