In the beginning...

There was SciFiQuest 2106...

Created by a visionary noder...

Who saw the potential of Science Fiction...

And the gods smiled upon it, and saw that it was good...

So they gave it 9 C!s.

But now, the time has come again. I (with the kind sponsorship of kthejoker) now present to you....

SciFiQuest 2107!

Beginning June 4, 2007 at 00:00:00 UTC (E2 Server Time)
Ending July 4, 2007 at 00:00:00 UTC

Our judges have been through the writeups. The winning factual is:
The Screwfly Solution, by Jet-Poop!
However, he did request that in the case he won, the prize should be given to the runner-up. So, the runner-up/winner is:
Triplanetary by SyntaxVorlon!
SyntaxVorlon, you win the grand prize of 500XP and homenod image privs for SIX MONTHS!
For those who didn't win (you guys still kick ass), your prizes are written next to your name below.

Da Rules As with the original SciFiQuest, two types of entries will be accepted. They are:

As you know, we're pretty loose on terms with science fiction. This can go all the way from near-future diamond-hard all the way to Buck Rogers pulp sf and everything in between! Science Fiction Factuals have to be composed of facts about science fiction. Amazing, huh?

Also, the judging rules:

  • Factuals will be judged by rep. And other things.
  • Fiction? We don't judge it, we collect it. It's a matter of personal taste, eh?

* * * *

Of course, there will be wonderful XP rewards for all the contributors. At the end of the quest, contributors will receive:
  • 100 XP for each writeup submitted.
  • 2 XP times the net total rep of your writeup by the end of the quest.
  • And 20 XP for each C! your writeup gets.
Note: If you get negative rep, the second point still applies. Muahahaha!

When the quest finishes, the author of the winning factual will receive these awesome prizes:
  • Homenode image privs for six months.
  • 500 XP!
  • The secret to faster-than-light travel.
If you already have a homenode image? Congrats for getting to level 5. No, you don't get the power to have TWO homenode images!

Each time you submit an entry, send a message to not_crazy_yet with its title and it will be added to this writeup. Direct any questions to not_crazy_yet, kthejoker, or to the e2scifi usergroup. We are completely operational, and all our circuits are working perfectly.

Let's Rock.

The Entries
Fiction Factual
The Big Thing of How Much XP You All Got
  • The Custodian: 1648 XP
  • santo: 918 XP
  • badme: 382 XP
  • Kesper North: 194 XP
  • shaogo: 186 XP
  • kanoodle: 1276 XP
  • SplinterOfChaos: 148 XP
  • not_crazy_yet: 460 XP
  • DonJaime: 342 XP
  • SyntaxVorlon: 1840 XP
  • UncleM: 162 XP
  • C-Dawg: 200 XP
  • Jet-Poop: 518 XP
  • Kizor: 192 XP
  • Lord Brawl: 218 XP

All in all, I'd like to thank e2scifi for their inspiration, kthejoker for sponsoring, and lastly (but not leastly) all the authors who have contributed all this wonderful new material to E2. Seriously, we couldn't have done it without you guys.

Ahead Warp Two, Mister Sulu....

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