When beings from the other side of the Singularity say they'll wait for something, be warned. When they say they'll wait forever, they mean forever. Not as in 'a very long time' but as in utter infinity.

Keep them waiting for one year? They'll simply wait there, oblivious to all other civilization.

Keep them waiting for ten years? You can shoot solid objects through them, their nano will reassemble their bodies.

A hundred years? They don't care if you build something on top of them, they'll mix their processing nano with the materials.

A thousand years? They can survive erosion, wind, weather, anything that can be thrown at them. You can destroy civilization and rebuild it again and they'll still be there, waiting.

A million years? You can disassemble the entire planet they're on, use the space they occupy to power countless civilizations, but they'll still be there. The ecosystem can collapse, the planet can be irradiated, or you can go into comet winter from a collision with one. They'll still be there.

A hundred million years? The plates can shift, the sun can brighten, the planet can be invaded by aliens thousands of times over, civilization can be destroyed and rebuilt over and over again, sea levels can rise or fall and they'll still be there, even if 'there' is underwater.

A few billion years? The sun can expand into a red giant and consume the planet? No problem, they can use the plasma for a processing substrate. The star goes supernova? They'll encode themselves into the expanding sphere of particles. Star becomes a white dwarf? These guys can live on the surface.

A few trillion years? The universe can go for the Big Crunch, the Big Rip or just keep getting bigger and colder. No problem at all, they can just encode themselves into the very fabric of spacetime. The universe collapses? They'll use the singularity for yet more processing power, and discover how to go to a new universe in the last planck time. All the stars are finally snuffed out by entropy? Matter remains. Where there is matter, there is computer power.

Billions of trillions of trillions of years? Really, there's no point in continuing. If they want to wait for something, they will. Forever.

So, how do they avoid boredom, you ask....

SciFiQuest 2107

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