Randall's entirely useless shout before shooting the monster, heavily promoted in the movie ads: "Hey! Mansquito!"

2005 science fiction/horror TV movie. Specifically a "Made for the Sci-Fi Channel" TV movie, which should tell you everything you need to know about the movie's quality.

This one was directed by Tibor Takács and written by Kenneth M. Badish, Ray Cannella, Boaz Davidson, and Michael Hurst. The stars included Corin Nemec as Lt. Tom Randall, Musetta Vander as Dr. Jennifer Allen, and Austin Jordan as both Ray Erikson and... MANSQUITO!

The plot, such as it is: Dr. Allen is doing research to stop a mosquito-borne disease. Erikson is a convict brought in to test the virus vaccine, but he is bitten by a mutant mosquito and then transforms into... MANSQUITO! Lt. Randall is, of course, the hero who survives impossible odds to destroy the monster. Except that he doesn't destroy the monster. Umm. Well, anyway, we need a hero, because who'd believe a movie that had a woman as the great savior? Harumph, harumph, harumph.

And that's about it for plot. Mansquito flies around killing ridiculous numbers of people, Dr. Allen starts to turn (very slowly, so as not to damage her sex appeal too badly) into a mutant skeeter herself, and Lt. Randall runs around failing to save anyone. The gore is plentiful, the acting is not entirely inept, and the logic is mostly absent. No one in the movie ever seems to realize that only female mosquitoes suck blood, so there was no real reason for the mutant male mosquito to be much of a threat. But the producers knew they couldn't have a female mosquito as a villain, because "Womansquito" would be a silly name.

"Mansquito" was very heavily promoted on the Sci-Fi Channel, and I knew a number of people who watched it with sick, amused horror. For several weeks afterwards, they would yell "MANSQUITO!" whenever there was a lull in the conversation. It was funny for a while, or at least funnier than "Mansquito" was.

Sometimes, I amuse myself by wondering how much better this movie would've been if Corin Nemec had been playing Parker Lewis instead of Lt. Tom Randall. Jerry Steiner would be running some outlandish project that would infect Franklin Lemmer and turn him into a Mansquito. Everyone would run around in a panic, Grace Musso would break her office windows, Parker would tell everyone "Not a problem," then have Kubiak hit Mansquito with a school bus. Siiiigh. Life is never like your dreams...

If you want to see this on DVD, look for its alternate title "Mosquitoman."

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