A show released by the FOX network September 2, 1990. The show features an attractive, cool high school student who manages to cause trouble for the high school principal without ever getting into serious trouble. The inevitable comparisons to Ferris Bueller's Day Off were compounded when NBC released a show based on the Bueller character entitled, oddly, Ferris Bueller.

Critics initially critqued Parker Lewis as an overt clone of Bueller trying to cash in on the apparent segmentation of the teen market. Halfway through the first season, reports were more positive to the fledgling show. Reviews instead empahsized the talented timing of the young actors of the show, and the quirky humor that seemed more sophisticated than other teen offerings at the time. Using quick camera pans, and knock offs of classic films like Casablanca, Parker Lewis gained a loyal cult following. Of course, so did Small Wonder, so take the importance of a cult following with a grain of salt.

A partial cast list includes:

Parker Lloyd Lewis Corin Nemec
Mikey Randall Billy Jayne
Jerry Steiner Troy W. Slaten
Principal Grace Musso Melanie Chartoff
Shelly Lewis Maia Brewton
Francis Lawrence "Larry" Kubiac Abraham Benrubi

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