Andrea Barber is an actress. You probably know her as Kimmy Gibbler from the wildly popular sitcom Full House. She has also been on a few other television shows as well, including a four year stint on Days of Our Lives. But they don't really rerun soap operas, and everything else she was ever in was fairly obscure, so Full House is pretty much all you are going to see her on.

People really only know Andrea from Full House, so they assume that she is Kimmy Gibbler, which couldn't be further from the truth. Kimmy was loud, obnoxious, unintelligent, and wore some truly bizarre clothing. While Andrea is actually very quiet, polite, and is very intelligent. Of course you didn't get to see much of this on Full House, since the producers wanted Candace Cameron to be the center of attention (despite the fact that Andrea was better looking, more intelligent, and a better actress than Candace Cameron ever was), so they never really let her character progress beyond the "wacky neighbor" that she was originally scripted to be.

Andrea was born on July 3, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. She was discovered by an agent at the age of four (she was acting in a local play, and the agent was in the audience). She soon ended up with a regular role on the long running soap opera "Days of Our Lives". She was a regular on the show until 1986 (when her character magically "grew up" and she was replaced by another much older actress).

But, she didn't stay out of work long. She was soon cast on the brand new sitcom "Full House", where she played Kimmy Gibbler, the obnoxious best friend of D.J. (Candace Cameron's character). Which I say was a bit of bad casting. Full House would have been a better show if they had given Andrea the role of "D.J." instead of the relatively talentless Candace Cameron. Full House ran until 1995 (and is still on today in reruns), Andrea's character gradually took on a larger role in the show, but they never really gave her the attention she deserved (instead putting the Olsen Twins on camera every chance they could get).

During her runs on Full House and Days of Our Lives, Andrea did a lot of cameos, and other minor roles. She appeared briefly on such shows as The Twilight Zone (1985), Fantasy Island, and Growing Pains. She only has a single movie to her credit though, the low budget (and I believe straight to video) 1995 film The Skateboard Kid 2.

After Full House ended Andrea decided to put off acting for a while (perhaps indefinitely), in order to go to college. She went to Whittier College where she studied "English Literature" (which is a surprisingly popular choice among former child stars). She graduated from Whittier in 1999 and went on to be an intern for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Today she works at Whittier College as the assistant director of foreign studies, and is considering earning a master's degree in women's rights.

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