A forgotten television series if ever there was one. Only aired for one season (1989-1990) before it was cancelled--unjustly, in my mind. The main character, Teddy Zakalokis, was a lowly grunt working in the mail room of an agency company in Hollywood when, through a chance encounter, he becomes the agent of Harland Kevo, a famous actor. The company then hires him as an agent, and so began the series.

Well *I* thought the show was funny, although I think I'm the only one in America who did.

Jon Cryer as Teddy Zakalokis
Jane Sibbett as Laurie Parr
Milton Selzer as Abe Werkfinder
Erica Yohn as Deena
Tom La Grua as Richie Herby
Josh Blake as Aristotle
Alex Rocco as Al Floss

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