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Final Fantasy Tactics has an awesome job system, with 20 standard classes and some extras only available to certain characters.

Basic job for all units. The starting point to becoming a fine warrior.
Ability: Basic Skill

Fine warriors, bold and brave with etiquette. Draws 'Battle Skill' with the powerful knight sword.
Ability: Battle Skill
Prerequisite: Level 2 Squire

Useful in preemptive attacks, the Archer is best utilized in high locations to extend arrow range.
Ability: Charge
Prerequisite: Level 2 Squire

Monks are warriors who train their bodies in the ways of martial arts. Their battle ability 'Punch Art' drives enemies away.
Ability: Punch Art
Prerequisite: Level 2 Knight

Warriors who can steal anything from anyone. Their skill and boldness are legendary.
Ability: Steal
Prerequisite: Level 2 Archer

Warrior who knows of good and bad luck, from the earth. Uses 'Elemental', which brings mysterious geographical powers.
Ability: Elemental
Prerequisite: Level 3 Monk

Warrior 'Jumps' high and attacks enemies despite heavy arms and weapons. An expert with spears.
Ability: Jump
Prerequisite: Level 3 Thief

Warrior who dances in battle in charming costumes. Can 'Dance' and disturb enemies.
Ability: Dance
Prerequisite: Leval 4 Geomancer, Leval 4 Lancer
Special: Female units only

This job is the basis for all magical units. A Chemist uses restorative items to assist her Allies.
Ability: Item

The Priest controls holy magic by borrowing soul power. Often uses recuperative and support magic, 'White Magic.'
Ability: White Magic
Prerequisite: Level 2 Chemist

The Wizard controls the elements which make up this world. Often uses attack magic, 'Black Magic.'
Ability: Black Magic
Prerequisite: Level 2 Chemist

The Oracle has control over elements of life itself, through the manipulation of Yin and Yang.
Ability: Ying-Yang Magic
Prerequisite: Level 2 Priest

Time Mage
The Time Mage controls time and space. This sorceror toys with the laws of the universe.
Ability: Time Magic
Prerequisite: Level 2 Wizard

Warrior who joins battles by talking to the enemy. Uses clever 'Talk Skill.' Monster talk ability
Ability: Talk Skill
Prerequisite: Level 2 Oracle

Warrior who can call illusionary monsters, spirits of the highest rank. Uses 'Summon Magic', a special contract with the spirits.
Ability: Summon
Prerequisite: Level 2 Time Mage

Warrior who uses his voice as a weapon. Can 'Sing' songs that protect allies.
Ability: Sing
Prerequisite: Level 4 Mediator, Level 4 Summoner
Special: Only male units

Foreign warrior who forges their soul by improving swordsmanship. Uses skill that 'Draw Out' the spirit of the sword.
Ability: Draw Out
Prerequisite: Level 3 Knight, Level 4 Monk, Level 2 Lancer

Combatant who hides as a means of battle. Can 'Throw' weapons at distant enemies. 2-sword ability
Ability: Throw
Prerequisite: Level 3 Archer, Level 4 Thief, Level 2 Geomancer

Scholarly warrior creates phenomenon through math. Uses 'Math Skill' to drive away the target.
Ability: Math Skill
Prerequisite: Level 4 Priest, Level 4 Wizard, Level 3 Oracle, Level 3 Time Mage

Warrior who can 'Mimic' others. When an ally takes action, he mimics it.
Prerequisite: Level 8 Squire, Level 8 Chemist, Level 4 Geomancer, Level 4 Lancer, Level 4 Mediator, Level 4 Summoner

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