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Combinatoric Shitposting for Mathematical Teens


To share interesting shitposts about and around mathematics and pop

Target audience

All of the cool boys and girls, who---as we know---are crazy about
mathematics and applying them to extremes, hypotheticals and
impossibilities just to get a laugh.

If you find these nodes cool it means that you too are a Mathematical
Teen and thus a cool person.


Send me your cool mathematical shitposts and if I ever stop receiving
fanmail from other cool Mathematical Teens I might read it and even add
it (heh) to the collection.

1 Final Fantasy Tactics Job List (essay) andycyca writeup
2 Hundred Thousand Billion Poems (idea) andycyca writeup
3 Your radical ideas about the combinatoric implications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator have already occurred to others (idea) andycyca writeup