Wakka is one of the seven main protagonists in the Playstation 2 game, Final Fantasy X. His voice acting is done in Japanese by Kazuya Nakai. In the English version, John DiMaggio (known better for his work as Bender on Futurama) does his voice.

Wakka is fun-loving, carefree, but dense Blitzball player born and raised in the tiny village of Besaid. In the tradition of most Final Fantasy characters, Wakka has some of that cRRRaaaaazy anime hair. A paper thin isosceles triangle of brown hair rises straight up from his the blue head band covering forehead. Being the athletic captain of the Blitzball team, he looks more in shape and muscular than the other characters. A gigantic knee-pad like arm guard sticks off of his shoulder (not unlike Yuffie's) directly above some colorful garb decorating his arms. His Blitzball uniform is primarily a yellow vest with yellow overalls, but with many intricate, detailed black and white paintings and brownish red lacing. Wakka's skin color is a shaded dark brown which is especially significant considering it makes him one of two playable human Final Fantasy characters that has the distinct and honorable quality of being NOT white (Barret from FFVII being the other).

Wakka's skin color is likely a result of Final Fantasy X's setting, which more akin to Southeast Asian and Oceanic cultures like Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Australian than its predecessors' Medieval European and cyberpunk settings. I find it ironic that Wakka, being such the racially diverse character he is, is close minded and a partial bigot himself. Until near the end of the game, he is hatefully intolerant of the Al Bhed, a desert dwelling people with beliefs conflicting to his own. His disapproval of their culture is due to the teachings of the mainstream Spiran religion, Yevon, of which he is a devout believer. Yevon states that technology and machina (machinery) is evil, one must refrain from using it, and its use will only cause the spiral of death and suffering rampant in Spira to compound. The Al Bhed, however, don't believe in Yevon's teachings and are completely reliant on the use of machines for labor, transportation, and self defense.

Wakka has a personal vendetta against machinery; his younger brother, Chappu, chose an Al Bhed weapon over the sword Wakka tried to give him. Chappu died in a battle shortly afterwards. Because of the combination of his loyal belief in Yevon and his personal experiences, he finds it very difficult to trust the Al Bhed. His problems pile up when he discovers that Rikku, a young girl traveling with the heroes, is an Al Bhed. All his underlying assumptions and beliefs about Yevon, the Al Bhed, and his own life are questioned as the story progresses.

Wakka represents the closest thing to the average Joe in the unfamiliar world of Spira. Since the story is narrated by the hero, Tidus, who comes from a different world with a culture closer to the sky scraping modernity of New York or Tokyo, Wakka's views and beliefs are important as they establish the normative of the fictitious Spiran culture. Fanatical support of Blitzball, unswerving faith in Yevon, and distrust of the Al Bhed are all convictions that the large body of Spirans share. Through Wakka's words and actions, Tidus and ultimately the player, understands how the general populous of Spira would react to the journey the heroes undertake. Humor is another essential part to Wakka's character. Not exactly the brightest hero of the group, he often provides comic relief with his inability to comprehend simple things. He and the party's dedicated Black Mage, Lulu, have a sort of brother/sister relationship that has a bit of romantic interest behind it. Evidently, the romance manifests itself by the time Final Fantasy X 2 rolls around as the two are married in it.

Concerning the game play, Wakka is difficult to describe by sticking him in a traditional Final Fantasy job class. His battle skills range from those of an Archer (ranged attacks, high accuracy) to a Fighter (high strength) to a Black Mage (miscellaneous spells like Osmosis). His armament is a mere blitzball, which looks just like the size and weight of basketball. Somehow, it can be much more damaging than a gigantic sword or a razor sharp lance. He falls in between Tidus and Auron in strength, making him the second strongest physical attacker. Because he throws his weapons, he can hit foes that fly and/or in the far distance. His Overdrive ability, Attack Reels, has the most damage potential in the entire Final Fantasy series. A maxed out Wakka can hit an enemy twelve times for 99,999 damage each hit for just under a whopping 1.2 million damage in a single turn.

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