Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that is bordered by Malaysia to the south, Myanmar (formerly Burma) to the west and north, Laos to the north, and Cambodia to the east. It was officially known as Siam until 1939.

The central part of the country, which contains the capital, Bangkok, is a fertile flood plain through which the mighty Chao Phraya River flows. The land can support two rice crops a year, and is subject to frequent floods. The population here is mostly ethnic Thai, though there is a substantial Chinese minority. Most of the Thai dishes you know from restaurants probably come from here.

The southern part of the country is a long narrow peninsula that is home to many Muslims, who share much in common with their Malay neighbours to the south. There are some beautiful islands off the east and west coasts of this peninsula that are popular with tourists.

The northeastern part of Thailand is dry plateau, and is the poorest region of the kingdom. It's called Isarn in Thai. Many people in this area share language and diet in common with their Laotian and Cambodian neighbours, and are viewed as country bumpkins by their central neighbours. Lots of great Thai food comes from the northeast.

The northern part of the country is mountainous; the largest city there is Chiang Mai, and it is the centre of a proud regional culture. Fittingly, much culture and cuisine is shared with the neighbouring Burmese, traditional enemies of central Thailand, and the region is also home to many minority groups who have fled there from China and settled in the hills.

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