It's strange how some people seem to automatically think that a Thai girl is either a whore, or just otherwise promiscuous. Now not all people think this way, it's just the rotten 10% that DOES think this way that makes it seem that this is the common opinion of Thai girls/women. It's true that there is a *lot* of prostitution in Thailand, but that doesn't mean all Thai girls are whores, in the majority of the cases they have been forced to do it by their, often very poor, families. This is done because the majority of the Thai people living in the rural areas are very poor, and the only way for them to make any money, or even survive, is to send their daughters to the big cities as prostitutes. But that doesn't make the girls promiscuous, or whores. Thai girls are to my experience very friendly, and intelligent, don't treat them as whores!

Now the reason I'm writing this is because my fiancee is originally from Thailand. She was adopted to Finland when she was under a year old, she doesn't speak the language, and has only been there once in her whole life. Sometimes she seems to be more Finnish than I am, and I'm a typical blonde-with-blue-eyes Finn. Still, some guys seem to have the idea that it's easy to get her into bed because she is originally Thai, even though she doesnt encourage it in any way. It's very annoying, and luckily most people have the sense to not think this way, but as I said before, the 10% makes the whole crowd look bad.

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