Roll up, roll up gentlenoders! It's time for the all singing, all dancing...

reQuest 2020: an E2 reVue!


It's a new decade and a new edition of everyone's favourite reQuest! The Quest of reQuest will run for the month of January and will involve YOU writing one or more writeups based on requests you will receive from other noders who are also participating. As a bonus for participating, you can also make requests from other noders for the writeups you want to read.


How It Works

Do you ever think, "I wish noder would write more like this"?

Do you ever wonder, "What do my fellow noders want me to write?"

The reQuest is here for you!

Each participating reQuester will receive at least 3 anonymous requests for a writeup, submitted by fellow reQuesters. A request might be for a topic, style or format. ReQuesters fill their requests by noding them! Be sure to /msg reQuest to let us know that you have filled your request, so that we can update the list here to include a link to all completed requests.

Requests from reQuest participants can be sent to the reQuest team by message; /msg reQuest from right now until 23:59 server time on 21 January 2020.  The early cutoff date for requests will allow participants plenty of time to fulfil all the requests on their lists. All requests will be listed anonymously in this public node from 00:00 1 January 2020 onwards. Additionally, private messages will be sent to each participant with details of their personal request list. As requests are made by messaging the reQuest team, the reQuest team (Nemosyn & Silverai_Me) will obviously see your request, however we will put up the request up anonymously so that others, including the recipient, cannot see who made the request. We will add all requests to the list, and in the event that no request is made for a reQuester, we will add some of our own to ensure that everybody has a steady trickle of requests through the month. As a courtesy, we ask each reQuester to make a maximum of 3 requests per noder at a time, and consider that a reQuester will probably want to start reQuest with some requests but perhaps not with an overwhelming amount like eleventy billion requests to fill.

Writeups can be published from 00:00 server time 1 January until 23:59 server time on 31 January 2020 to receive rewards. You can pick which requests you want to fill, but a minimum one request must be fulfilled to qualify for rewards. You can choose to fill all of your requests too, if you want to. Requests can still be filled and published after 31 January 2020 and the link will still be added to this node, but belatedly filled requests will be noted as late and miss out on Quest rewards.

A request shall be considered filled at the noder's discretion, however the reQuest team reserves the right to pass ultimate judgement on a writeup, should they choose to exercise it.

Step 1: Join the reQuest

  • Commit to writing one or more new writeups that fill your requests during January
  • /msg reQuest asking to join

Step 2: Make Some Requests

  • /msg reQuest with the name of any noder and what you would like them to write. This can be a topic, style, format, or simply a writing prompt.
  • For ideas for requests to make, check out the list below for the names of participating noders, and have a look at some of their existing writeups, their homenodes, or chat to them in the Catbox to get an idea of what they usually contribute.
  • Remember the aim is to encourage and inspire fellow noders, not to make them feel overwhelmed!

Sample Requests:

/msg reQuest I want Silverai_Me to review their favourite computer game of all time!
/msg reQuest I want Nemosyn to fill the nodeshell shot the cat
/msg reQuest I want Tem42 to write a story about a duck.
For further ideas, see all the requests made last year in reQuest 2019: the reTurn.

Step 3: Fill your requests

  • reQuest will update this post with requests from other reQuesters between 1st January 2020 and 21st January 2020
  • Write an amazing, beautiful writeup in response to each request you receive
  • Publish your writeup
  • /msg reQuest with a link to your published writeup. The reQuest team manually updates this node, we don't know if a reQuest has been filled unless YOU tell us!
  • Rinse and repeat!



The reQuest Team will be distributing rewards upon Quest completion as follows:

  • All participants who send in a request for someone else will receive 2 GP for the first 20 requests, and 1GP thereafter, with a cap of 100GP.
  • All participants who fill at least 1 request will receive an easter egg
  • Write 1-5 requested nodes - 50 GP, plus a bonus of 5 GP per node
  • Write 6-9 requested nodes - 100 GP, plus a bonus of 10 GP per node
  • Write 10-19 requested nodes - 150 GP, plus a bonus of 15 GP per node
  • Write 20-29 requested nodes - 200 GP, plus a bonus of 20 GP per node
  • Write 30-50 requested nodes - 300 GP, plus a bonus of 30 GP per node

Anyone completing more than 50 requested nodes shall be doing it only for the joy of themselves, their reQuester, and other readers from that point onwards.

The Rancid_Pickle Trophy

Our favourite smelly vegetable is generously sponsoring bonus prizes for the noders who fill the most reQuests during the month of January! Sir Pickle notes that as sponsor, he will not be eligible for a trophy. Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 3000 shiny GP
  • 2nd Prize: 2000 shiny GP
  • 3rd Prize: 1000 shiny GP
  • All reQuesters who fill at least one reQuest: 5 Easter Egg, plus 1 Easter Egg per filled reQuest

Please note: any nodes nuked will not count towards your total. Rewards will be distributed a few days after the Quest ends, to allow last-minute writeups to be voted on and pass muster with the editors.


Background Processes

The reQuest Team will be updating requests made and filled, sending and monitoring requests throughout the month, and distributing rewards after the completion of reQuest 2020.

The reQuest Team reserves the right to pass ultimate judgement on a write-up, or on any requests made by participants, should they choose to exercise it.

Bugs, queries and requests should be sent to /msg reQuest

Blame and criticism can be directed to reQuest, Nemosyn, Silverai_Me, and deities of your choice.


About reQuest

This Quest was the brainchild of a catbox conversation between Nemosyn, Silverai_Me, & Estelore at the end of 2017. Upon receiving the e2gods blessing by Tem42 to run reQuest, the Quest was successfully run for the first time in January 2018. The reQuest Team having enjoyed themselves greatly and the quest itself being well received, we've decided to keep doing it.


reQuesters & Requests

Number of participants: 


Number of requests: 


Number of personal requests fulfilled before the end of reQuest 2020:


Number of open requests fulfilled before the end of reQuest 2020:


Number of requests fulfilled after end of reQuest 2020 (ongoing):




Don't forget to /msg reQuest when you fill a reQuest!

New Section: Open reQuests

We've had several reQuests that are open to any participants. Fill any or all of these reQuests for shiny rewards. Don't be shy: there's no limit to how many participants will receive rewards for these ones!

  1. someone fill How to host a dungeon
    • Filled on January 2, 2020 by andycyca
    • Filled on January 7, 2020 by Nemosyn
  2. someone fill Side effects include explosive acne, terminal constipation, loss of extremities, uncontrollable pyrokinesis, and erections lasting more than four hours due to rigor mortis.
  3. Anything on a node that already has 2 writeups
  4. A writeup on a node that hasn’t been updated in 10 years
  5. A writeup on a node that hasn’t been updated in 20 years
  6. See the lock text on I was promised flying cars. reQuest that someone explain this, in a separate node.
  7. Could any person do a daylog, pretending to be Donald Trump pretending not to be Donald Trump?
  8. Open Request: Fill Demons snatch unclaimed prayers out of the air to admire their gossamer wings
  9. Open request: fill in For tactical reasons, we do not currently advocate the use of violence or sorcery against private individuals..
  10. Open request: Fill a nodeshell that has a naughty connotation or word in the title with anything you want, even a factual that would make Klaproth applaud.
  11. I want someone to write about the Aerosmith song in Dream On
  12. An open ReQuest: Please node the most unusual idea or theory that you personally believe.
  13. I request that someone update the Donald Trump node


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