The A-Spot is an erogenous zone found inside of the vagina. It, much like the G-Spot (or Grafenberg spot, has the ability to give women tremendous orgasms. However, unlike the G-Spot, it is rarely talked about, and difficult to find information on.

There are two methods that work best in the hunt for the A-Spot. Both require short finger nails, and the vagina to be sufficiently lubricated to prevent irritation and pain.

The first method consists of entering the vagina from the front, with the woman’s stomach, and the palm of your hand, facing the ceiling. Slide a finger into the woman, and travel along the vaginal wall that faces the ceiling (or the stomach-side wall) until your finger reaches a small protrusion. This protrusion is sensitive, and feels like the end of the vagina. If you curl your finger upwards in the come-hither motion, you can move over the protrusion. At this time, your finger should be fully extended inside of her, and the tip should be in a very small space. Apply pressure upwards, towards the ceiling. If you’re in the right place, the woman will feel as if she’s having multiple simultaneous orgasms. If you continue to apply pressure and vibrate your finger, the woman should orgasm heavily, and often A-Spot orgasms can even provoke the woman to ejaculate explosively.

The second method is much the same, but this time with both the palm of your hand and the woman lying face-down. There is no difference in performance, it can simply be more comfortable a position to sustain for a long period of time.

To enhance the sensations provided by stimulation of the A-Spot, you can apply pressure above your finger with your free hand, much in the same way you would with the G-Spot, and, for the daring, simultaneously perform cunnilingus.

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